In the sky, or under the sea?

People keep sending me links to this “Dinner in the Sky” thing..

But me..there is nothing appealing about eating dinner while I’m strapped into a seat and suspended by a crane!!

In Lebanon, everything constantly changes, from the color of your hair to the shape of your nose and the settings of your mobile phone. And pretty soon the location of one of the hottest restaurants to hit the nation! A floating restaurant is coming to town, allowing people to dine up to 50 meters in the air, wherever they want. It is called Dinner in the Sky, a concept that has taken the dining experience in over 38 countries to whole new heights. And now PR company Alf Events by young restaurateur Alfred Asseily of La Table D’Alfred is bringing it here..

Text and photo credit: Beirut Restaurants’ website.

Dinner in the sky Lebanon

Dinner in the Sky presented by Alf Events

Ok..yeah, so maybe you get a nice view..and the chairs do swivel a bit..

Restaurant in the Sky Lebanon

Eat in the Sky!! Courtesy Alf Events!

but does this really look like any fun? Really?

Restaurant in the Sky Beirut

Poker in the sky!!

I think I’d rather spend $15,000 on flying to the Maldives and eating under the sea!

Dine 16 feet below sea level at Ithaa, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island’s unique undersea restaurant.   Marvel at the 180 degree views of reef and marine life, sip champagne cocktails and sample Maldivian-Western fusion cuisine at this spectacular Maldives venue – the world’s first all-glass, undersea restaurant.

text and photo credit.

Undersea Restaurant

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. Conrad Hotel Maldives

Which would you prefer?



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11 responses to “In the sky, or under the sea?

  1. I would probably vomit from that height… excellent after dinner 😛

    Yep I agree, dinner under the sea.. much more enjoyable

  2. Underwater! I don’t see the point of in-the-sky dining. How’s it different than dining on a balcony or near a window of a skyscraper? The undersea restaurant is so much cooler. At least you are not strapped into your seat, you can get to the bathroom whenever you want and you don’t need to have someone tell you that you have 5 minutes to finish your meal before we kick you off.

  3. Certainly under the sea!! I’d probably throw up if I had to eat while hanging in the sky like that.

  4. yourboyblue

    “has taken the dining experience in over 38 countries to whole new heights” Ughhhhhh
    I HATE lame puns. Clever puns are delicious. But lame puns? ughhhh

  5. Malek

    who wants to eat during an adrenaline rush?
    that idea deserves the #epic #fail hashtags.
    i prefer under the sea, it’s more relaxing and entertaining.

  6. najla

    under the sea for me…. in the sky ??? why ??? seriously id be short of breath from a near panic attack before i could even imagine having a nice dinner and for $ 6,000 ….no thanks. great post !

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