I walked from Downtown to Hamra the other day.  That’s right, you heard me.  WALKED.  What is it with people not wanting to walk here?  It’s so much more relaxing than driving..And believe it or not, it took me less time than taking a service taxi!

I spotted these two buildings on my walk, and they made me stop in my tracks.  Two buildings, with two completely different personalities.  I had to capture this, as  I truly think it speaks volumes of the transformation that Beirut is currently undergoing..

How I wish they would focus on restoring the charming buildings of Beirut’s past..what Beirut is losing can never be gained back..its soul.

Destruction of Beirut's historic buildings

Beirut's heritage, lost.



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3 responses to “Contrast.

  1. Walking! =D
    Back when I didn’t have my car, I used to take a bus to Ashrafieh, then walk to Hamra… So you’re absolutely right =D

    As for the image, wow =D natural before-after thing going on there!

  2. Totally agree with the last line, it’s a shame…

  3. pourliban

    I just saw the picture ”Beirut’s heritage, lost” in your article ”Contrast”.
    My grandmother used to live in this old building on the street level which is now transformed in shops.

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