The things I learn while stuck in Beirut traffic..

So maybe, just maybe..getting stuck in Beirut’s traffic can be educational.

I learned a lot yesterday during my drive home from work.

1. Barney is coming to town!

Yes, the big purple dinosaur who taught me the song, “clean up clean up, every body every where, clean up clean up everybody do your share..” will be in Lebanon!!

Barney will be performing live at Palais Des Congres, and according to the event’s page, “Following his successful 1st Asian tour, Barney is back this time with a live-action stage show featuring the Backyard Gang in a medieval-themed, musical-fantasy adventure with kings and knights, an enchanted forest, dancing, a costume parade, and 20 kid-pleasing tunes.”

Sounds fascinating, does it not?

Barney in Lebanon


2.  Shisha is fattening!

That’s right..

Which is why, according to this billboard (sorry its kind of blurry, my iphone doesn’t have zoom..does the iphone 4 have it? it better!) starbuzz will be bringing diet shisha exclusively to you!

Diet Shisha in Lebanon

The text reads "Diet Shisha Exclusively Available at Starbuzz"

3.  There is a current battle between outdoor digital advertising providers..

they even set up shop right next to each other, although I have to say, Pikasso’s images are much cleaner, and crisper, than their competitors, K-zone..

Pikasso Digital Outdoor Billboards

Pikasso Digital Outdoor Billboards

Kzone Digital Outdoor Billboards

Kzone Digital Outdoor Billboards

4. Many Lebanese really don’t care about the harm they are causing to the environment..

Pollution in Beirut

Wow, just wow. REALLY?

What did you learn yesterday?



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14 responses to “The things I learn while stuck in Beirut traffic..

  1. bahaafe

    Nice 🙂 i love the diet hookah thing over lol

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  3. Joseph

    wow that last pic is scary.

  4. Micheline

    Enjoyed that! Nice to see that you are using your time stuck in traffic doing something fun rather than getting all worked up!!! 🙂

    • meinlebanon

      It’s the only way to keep from actually going crazy! Divert your attention to more positive things!! I try and do that throughout all aspects of my life..but really tho, there are some interesting things to see while on the road, especially here in Lebanon!

  5. WebIris

    Nice one Danielle 🙂 i never noticed the ads, maybe cuz am used to them..
    in Leb, u’ll always have the opportunity to learn new things every day! 🙂

    • meinlebanon

      That’s right! You should never forget way to keep life interesting and fresh! 🙂 and entertaining at that..cause we all know there is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic. 😉

  6. nice post! Traffic can be really annoying, but it appears that you invest your time stuck in the streets of Beirut to give us entertaining posts like these! keep it up

  7. I would have loved to take my 3-year old daughter to the Barney Show, but we are leaving Lebanon on July 2. We took her the last time the Barney show was in Lebanon and she simply loved it! Like you, she has the “Clean Up” song memorized…and as a parent I find it to be very effective tool in having kids do some household chores.

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  10. Mr Who

    Not Bad at all, well i am having this traffic on a daily basis , suffering from them

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  12. It’s awesome to go to see this site and reading the views of all friends on the topic of this article, while I am also keen of getting knowledge.

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