Team USA the underdog!

Gotta give it up to the boys of Team USA, for their efforts during this World Cup..For all of you Americans living abroad, who succumbed to the pressure of supporting one of the favorites (Italy, Germany, England, Brazil) SHAME ON YOU!

We might actually have a chance at this..  Shocking I know..!!  It seems my sentiment to the World Cup has changed since only a few weeks ago, when I thought the World Cup was nothing to get excited about..

What brought on this sudden change of sentiment?  It came as I was sitting at Grand Cafe in Downtown, sipping on an ice cold Alamaza, watching what looked to be Team USA’s final match in the World Cup..

When unexpectedly, Landon Donovan scored against Algeria in the 91st minute of the match, advancing Team USA to the second round of the World Cup..!

A sports blog out of Chicago, Illinois had this to say,

“What does Landon Donovan’s stoppage time winner against Algeria mean to this country?

We can’t fully understand the extent of its significance yet, but I think with one touch of the ball Donovan may have changed the face of soccer for this nation.”

I know what it means, American soccer Moms are going to be busier than ever before!

Landon Donovan World Cup

Donovan celebrates after goal during stoppage time against Algeria. photo credit:

Go Team USA!



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4 responses to “Team USA the underdog!

  1. I’ve personally been cheering for Argentina for years, but if the US team does well…then I am just as happy. Looking forward to the US/Ghana match, though I doubt I’ll have a chance to see it.

  2. I support Germany–been doing so for a very long time. The US Soccer team has been the most impressive team in the WC so far. I am not saying they are the best, as they still have a long way to go. However, they have shown a lot of team spirit, which sadly has been absent from many other teams (with considerably better players). The victory over Algeria will defintiely be a historic moment in US Soccer, probably a bigger one than the 1994 WC.

  3. yourboyblue

    Bwahahaha =P

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