10 new things I learned this weekend..in photos.

I learned a lot this weekend.

1.  The popular American chain, Cheesecake Factory, is coming to Hamra..(right across from Napoletana)..While I love Cheesecake Factory, I wish they would quit with the restaurants and bring Barnes and Noble instead..!!

Cheesecake Factory Beirut Lebanon

Cheesecake Factory...coming soon!

2.  Radio shack sells some pretty interesting gadgets..like Ipod players that look like possessed pigs, and telephones in the shape of silicone injected lips and stilettos.

Radio Shack Beirut Lebanon

Possessed little piggies at Radio Shack..hopefully they know how to hold the Iphone 4 properly!

Radio Shack Beirut Lebanon

Uhhh, yeah.

3.  Not only is the gelato and coffee at Franco Gelato and Caffee absolutely superb..but they also house a permanent exhibition of fascinating photos, all taken by local photographers..

Gelaton Lebanon

Franco Gelato and Caffe

Gelato Beirut Lebanon

Photography Exhibit at Franco Gelato

4.  Hamra street NEEDS to be turned into a pedestrian only zone!   It was wonderful being able to walk freely, up and down the street during the Arabic Language Festival..sans speeding cards and incessant honking!!

Hamra Street Lebanon

Hamra Street as a Pedestrian Free Zone..people like it so much, they even come with their suitcases!

5.  Not only was June 26 the Day of the Arabic Language Festival, as well as blog in Arabic day..it was also World Drug Awareness Day..

World Drug Day Beirut Lebanon

Lose vs. CHOOSE!

6.  I really love Nadine Feghaly’s work!  Would even like to buy some to adorn the walls of my new apartment!  This is a piece of hers at the Arabic Language Festival..

Nadine Feghaly

Nadine Feghaly's work at the Arabic Language Festival

7. Amethyste Lounge has a wickedly delicious lychee and rose water martini,,and you can watch the World Cup while chillin’ poolside..

Amethyste Lounge Phoenicia Beirut

Lychee and Rose Water Martini..try it!

Amethyste Lounge Phoenicia

Watching the game at Amethyste..

8.  Mondo Restaurant, also at the Phoenicia Hotel, has umm, funky metallic Eggplant menus (why?!)..Be aware, that if you plan on going to watch a World Cup Match (like I did) there is a $25 minimum charge per person (which management kindly waved for us, as we had just eaten at Amethyste ;))

Mondo Restaurant at Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut

A metallic Eggplant for a menu? WHY.

9.  Classic Burger needs a copywriter..there is something very very different between TIDBITS and TITBITS..#justsayin Their burgers are delicious though,,try the BBQ bacon burger…

Classic Burger Lebanon

TITbits..at Classic Burger Lebanon

10.  They sell Magnum Shishas and little birdies on the side of the road in Dahye…

Have you ever seen them this size before?

Shisha Lebanon

Magnum Shishas, or Hookahs, or Nargileh..which is it?

Dahye Lebanon

A comparison..normal vs. magnum

awww the widdle birdiesss.

Dahye Lebanon

awww the widdle birdies..

yup,,that’s all folks!



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17 responses to “10 new things I learned this weekend..in photos.

  1. Micheline

    Looool! What a fun weekend… Loved moving around with you and feeling I was in Beirut! 🙂

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  3. Lipanantsi

    You’ve been knocking out the hits for days now. Much much appreciated. 🙂

  4. ok

    1 – I LOVE THIS POST 😀 you should write for TimeOutBeirut and maybe this way their content can even be more improved

    2- Loved the hamra suggestion, but its problem is it’s TOO long to walk it all and people live there. so not very practical.

    3- titbits <– mouahahhaha

    4- I didn't get to try cheesecake factory in the US, so am happy they're coming to Lebanon 😀 iyyey … hope IHOP joins them

    5- and Nadine Feghaly rocks 😀 got one of her paintings in my house 🙂 (she so nicely got it for me for my bday :$)

    • meinlebanon

      Thank you thank you! It means a lot coming from you! I would like to work for Time Out…I should approach them..Too long to walk? Oh come on! It’s such a nice walk! And think about it,,less pollution in Hamra, less traffic..NO HONKING! I think it is worth the walk..but the likelihood of it happening is slim to none..it seems Hamra street is a main artery to a lot of other places..DAMN…it was a thought!

      When Cheesecake factory opens, I shall be the first one to accompany you there, that’s if you’ll have me of course!! Unless you want some TITBITS. 😉

  5. tangyorangesour

    great weekend!!

  6. I loveee this post, so interesting!

    I adore Hamra and enjoy being there but whenever I go there, I need to worry about the traffic. I’d love it if they make parts of it pedestrian only, but that would make the traffic much worse.

    They changed the menus on Mondo? I always go there and complain that their menus are just the paper they put under our plate. I honestly didn’t mean for them to change it into that!

    Thank you for this great post!

    • meinlebanon

      So, you’re the one to blame for the EGGPLANT SHAPED MENUS! hahah that is hilarious! I thought they were quite bizarre..Couldn’t you have given them some artistic direction or something?! 🙂 looks like they still need your help!

  7. Oh oh! YES, cheesecake factory! I hear so much about it. I’m glad its opening

    • meinlebanon

      It is AMAZING..I went there at least once a week in Miami, and the cheesecake,,oh the cheesecake..you won’t be able to resist!

  8. The Cheesecake Factory will be a bakery not the actual restaurant. Dream Factory produces the Cheesecakes for Cheesecake Factory in the Middle East. In Kuwait they’re available at Caribou Coffee. What they need to open is the actual Cheesecake Factory restaurant.

    • meinlebanon

      Thanks for the clarification..although I wish it was the restaurant..but I’ll settle for the bakery! Yup, now that I think of it, there is Caribou coffee opening up right next door..good call.. 🙂

  9. yourfriend

    Beautiful post missy. a pleasure to read.

    @ Mark.
    i sincerely hope you never have to let down this many women in your life again :P… one paragraph later, and the excitement levels in beirut city drastically dropped.

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