Digital Agencies round out Lebanon’s top 10 fastest growing companies..

Last week, the US Embassy unveiled the top 25 fastest growing companies in Lebanon.  According to an article in The Daily Star,

“Lebanon 25 is a short list of the fastest growing and most dynamic start-up companies in Lebanon that are then potentially placed onto the Arabia 500 list. The lists are designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and create a platform where expertise and information can be exchanged through networking.

“Getting onto the list is not an easy task,” Anne Habibi, co-founder of AllWorld network, the creators of this list, told The Daily Star. “You cannot buy your way onto the list, you have to earn your way and in that way the members of this list chose themselves.”

“First of all, you need to be able to show fast growth in your company, and show that you have been operating for three years,” she said. “You need to display complete transparency and show audit statements for this entire period to prove it.

“Then if you fulfill these requirements you need to fill out a survey on your business strategy, based on audited performances over the last three years,” said Habibi. “You would be amazed how many people are unable to show this and show total transparency.””

Entrepreneurs in Lebanon

The Lebanon 25

photo source: All World Network

What interests me about this, is that 4 out of the top 10 fastest growing companies in Lebanon are Digital Agencies and/or High-Tech and Telecommunication companies.  And all of this, with both the Internet and Telecom industries being what they are!!…to me, this fact alone, is worthy of recognition..  What an achievement!

Imagine what these companies, and Lebanon for that matter, could achieve if they only had the resources that many parts of the world take for granted!  Imagine the possibilities..

Congratulations to all of the winners..!!



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4 responses to “Digital Agencies round out Lebanon’s top 10 fastest growing companies..

  1. What’s even more amazing is that the Lebanese gov’t recently tried to place restrictions on a raft of online businesses.

    It seems that, not only are they happy to control traditional telecoms, but they’re also going after the online/digital sectors, too.

    • meinlebanon

      Yes, I’m aware of that..and I thought government was in place to help a country and its citizens prosper..It makes no sense to me why they would try to limit such a lucrative revenue stream! Other than the obvious..corruption and greed..

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  3. mohamad jawhar

    Dear sirs

    i have 17 years experience in finance and accounting, presently studying mba 4th semester, am seeking finance manager position

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