Would you like a side of insecticide with your daily dose of pollution?

Went to my friend’s house in Hazmieh yesterday.  We had just opened the windows to let some fresh air into her room, when her Mom rushed in and told us to shut them right away, as they were spraying insecticide outside.

“They just do that without warning?” I asked?

“Yeah.” She replied..

Insecticide is toxic!  How can they just go about spraying such massive quantities without any warming?  When you spray your home for insects, you are told not to vacate the premises for hours, if not an entire day..and the amount of insecticide sprayed in your home, doesn’t even come close to the amount I saw yesterday.

This was the scene outside her window..one massive cloud of insecticide.

Insecticide Lebanon

Just charming, isn't it?

As if the pollution isn’t worrying enough..It makes me cringe to think of all of the toxic things I’m breathing in..Why Lebanon, WHY!



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4 responses to “Would you like a side of insecticide with your daily dose of pollution?

  1. I guess its the country’s way of making sure that it gets the job done. If the electricity cuts, traffic build-up and over population doesn’t kill you, then this will.

  2. DANNY

    I thought our version of insecticide was burning diesel fuel. But then again, we already have that on daily basis…

  3. haissam

    thats not insecticide , its burning fuel , think of it as an insect repellent , it just pisses off all the insects and forces them to move somewhere else.

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