Bad boy, Tiesto.

Ok, so maybe I spoke too soon about nominating Tiesto for Prime bad!

DJ Tiesto in Lebanon

A sign in Arabic reading how Tiesto was the only one to not cancel his trip to Israel before coming to Beirut..gotta say though, didn't seem to effect turn out one bit! (see below post).



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5 responses to “Bad boy, Tiesto.

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  2. Same thing happened a few days before that with Placebo…a big frenzy, same issue…
    I remember Gad el Maleh’s sold out stand-up comedy gigs were all cancelled (after adding an additional sold out 3rd show too) cos people said he was jewish..etc etc…

    And there goes miss Culture!!

    • meinlebanon

      I mean, I can understand why people would be upset when artists come to Lebanon right after they go to Israel. But the fact of the matter is, that these concerts are the artists’ bread and butter! In my opinion, they have nothing to do with the conflict, so, why again should they be expected to change their tour dates to appease people?? Music is supposed to unite people not divide them! This pettiness will only perpetuate the conflict for a long time to come!

  3. Exactly my point…plus it really shows how much more people need to become “up to the world standards of culture and education” which Lebanese pride themselves to be.

    These concerts are even more interesting for the spectators as well…a lot are a form of release of all that tension that can rise from politics, economic situation and more…this is a form of expression for the people too….and without bias material in the first place (Gad doesn’t mention politics in his comedy for example).

    I really don’t know how we can work on changing this…such a delicate matter

  4. Seriously, why do “you” (as the ppl who came up with this poster) think the world should always be on our side? i mean people just select their sides no matter if they are right or wrong, for someone like Tiesto; Lebanon , Palestine, and Israel are his least concerns, the guy is after money, do we really expect everyone in the world to take sides? just saying that the Arab Israeli conflict is not the center of the universe for the 6.8 billions living on earth… again, to answer the question of the poster, “why is Tiesto going there?” i’d say the bastard is after money and good business 🙂

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