Tiesto for Prime Minister!

So..Where were you, while everyone else and their mother was at Tiesto on Saturday night?

If only that many people would show up in support of civic causes, Lebanon might actually get somewhere!  Perhaps we should nominate Tiesto for Prime Minister!

photos courtesy: Beirutnightlife.com

Tiesto in Lebanon

Insane turnout for Tiesto

Tiesto in Lebanon..

now that's a rave...

Tiesto in Lebanon

and all for this man..



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7 responses to “Tiesto for Prime Minister!

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  2. WebIris

    Tiesto was in Israel one day before..

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  4. Tiesto is a smart guy he know how he play music & how he can play with lebanese feelings.

  5. … and THAT many people (along with their mothers) didn’t care

  6. ushangu

    i don’t c any problem if he was in israel the night b4 … after all he’s not an enemy for israel . He has fans there as he has here.

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