Cassettes? They still exist? Noooooo.

Cassette stores in Lebanon

Cassettes? They still exist? Nooooooo.

Probably a common sighting for Lebanese people..but can’t say I’ve ever seen a “cassette only” store before.  It stopped me in my tracks as I was meandering from one end of Hamra to the other..

I stood their for a moment..trying to think back to the last time I bought a cassette..when a service taxi swerved passed me, spewing out exhaust by the ton..a poignant reminder than many of the cars in Lebanon date back to the early 1980s..

When it hit me, of course cassette tapes are popular here!  Still, you have to admit…you don’t see that every day.



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6 responses to “Cassettes? They still exist? Noooooo.

  1. yourboyblue

    Dude. I hope you’re not implying that cassettes are somehow a bad thing! Cassettes are retro and friggin’ awesome!

  2. didie

    girl u deffo have to tell us where this place is! it’s been like ages nd i’m still not able to locate such a shop. oh nd btw keep going, this is one hell of a great blog 😀

    • meinlebanon

      It is a couple of streets away from Hamra main street heading away from the beach..gonna get yourself some “Deeeep Music?” 🙂 hahah

  3. didie

    hehehe u got me

  4. elie

    I don’t think its a cassette-only store… the shop banner is old – yes; but I think they also sell CDs and DVDs.
    The owner is a Ziad Rahbani/Fairuz fanatic – he has all of her work, including Fairuz’s 3 movies and most of her plays. He also gets very sentimental when asked about Fairuz or Ziad … ends up cursing or tearing up 🙂

  5. hahahaha i lived right by this place. the guy is there outside his shop every single day! it’s by petit marche by commodore street. i do rememberhis posters of fairouz up, i should go in and ask him about getting the copies of those movies!

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