Fair and pathetic.

It’s been a while since I’ve written an editorial piece.  I’ve been experimenting a lot these days with more visuals and less text, it’s probably just me being lazy..anyhow, I think it’s high time to inject a little opinion into my blog, what do you think?

I’ve been watching a lot of TV recently..French TV, Arabic TV..(which is strange seeing that I don’t speak either of the two languages), and have noticed a disturbing trend –  the frequency of commercials advertising skin whitening creams.

There is a particular commercial which features an aspiring actress attending a casting call for a role in what looks like an Egyptian movie..while the actress is beautiful and seems to be the perfect fit for the part, the Director isn’t convinced..

“Something is missing..” he thinks..

Dejected, the girl returns home, where her sister hands her a bottle of Fair and Lovely Cream (how thoughtful of her).  After applying the cream (generously I imagine), the girl returns for a second interview..except this time, with much lighter skin.. and loe and friggin behold, she lands the part!

Sick, just sick.  These commercials make me sick!  Companies are perpetuating the notion that white skin is “more attractive and more beautiful” for their financial gain, and I’m almost positive that impressionable youth are flocking in droves to the pharmacy to buy this stuff!!

These commercials air all the time in Lebanon,,which is especially ironic during summer, when half of the country can be found at Beach Clubs hoping their skin will get dark enough to complement their florescent nail polish.

photo credit: http://www.bigfishmag.com

Fair and Lovely

photo credit: http://www.q80s.com

Obama. Fair and Lovelied.


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14 responses to “Fair and pathetic.

  1. yourboyblue

    The irony being that Arabs are jealous of white peoples’ white skin and white people are jealous of the Arab tan. It’s pretty stupid if you ask me.

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  3. “We’ll make you look fair, pale and white!”
    “do you dream of this Anorexic look? Now we can help you shut that trap, get those kilos goin down like the rapid elevator lift in those nightmares you have every night!”

    “Plus! Now! NEW & IMPROVED! we get you sooo white soooo fast, your friends will think u have malaria or have been hit by an amazing new virus!”

    Nothing can ever make you feel more fulfilled than looking like the zombies in MJ’s Thriller video!

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  5. Yes, while European women are pathetically trying to keep their tan, Arab women are fed the concept that white skin is better. That always made me laugh.

    • Darine—when I was young in Beirut, we tried to become as brown as nuts. That was before we found out that too much sun was no good for your skin!
      Now, regarding that cream..anyone triesd to sell it in Africa/ Some folks there are also led to think that fair is better. and ruin their skin in the process. I hope our brown-skinned President O will get people to change their minds.

  6. Obama is a bad example, because he’s black.
    The equivalent product for the African-American and African markets (like here in Ghana) is called “Dark and Lovely”

    Photo: http://i.walmartimages.com/i/p/11/13/00/02/02/1113000202284_215X215.jpg

  7. These commercials air all the time in Lebanon, but on cable TV, not on Lebanese national TV channels. These are arab ads intending to reach Gulf countries girls. It just happens to be aired in Lebanon.
    Lebanese girls burn themselves from morning till dusk under the sun so they will get a tan, I dont think any one here buy these products.

    • meinlebanon

      You probably right. I guess I can’t tell the difference between which channels are Pan Arab and which are local..I just see the ads all the time!

      • I agree they are sickening.
        I’m intrigued – does anyone know of Lebanese buying skin whitening creams? Is it is common in other Arab countries?
        I know some shops for immigrants sell them, particularly Sri Lankan stores, but that’s a completely different market.

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