The World Cup, outside of my window.

I know you’ve all blogged and tweeted your hearts out about how Lebanese overdo the World Cup..and although I’ve been reading these posts for months, last night was the first time I’ve actually experienced what you’ve all been talking about!!  You see, I’ve been living in Hazmieh for the past 7 months, and only recently moved to Hamra..

The celebratory clamor, after Spain beat Germany in the semi-final match, continued for what seemed like an hour. ..gun shots were fired, fireworks lit, horns honked, and people screamed, and all of this just outside of my window..I get it, nothing new there, this is typical behavior for Lebanese after every match of the World Cup.

But what’s funny to me, is that it seems to be understood, that the thing to do after every match.. is immediately hop into your car, organize a convoy, drive to a residential area..and then proceed to make as much noise as physically possible.  Even if the team you were rooting for lost!!  Who came up with that?  Was it always this way?

I guess there are some things I’ll just never understand!



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7 responses to “The World Cup, outside of my window.

  1. Sean

    hahahahaha Welcome to Beirut boy! 😉

  2. Tracy

    Please will you email me on as I’d like to get info about your blog for a little magazine I’m working on. Merci!

  3. lol I know what you mean….here in Rabieh fireworks shoot all night after matches…but I guess (as always) I take another look here….
    You see this pathetic, sick way of acting is actually…well pathetic and sick partly due to the emotional state of Lebanese people who are waiting for perfect moments to release economic, political, wife/husband…(add your reason here) tension that has been and continues to build with time. Everyone is obviously fed up with the political news etc etc and want to take it all away by focusing and “enjoying, and overdoing” any possible event…and what better chance to do so than the world cup!

    From one side, yeah people understand it, from another it shows how much the Lebanese still need moral and physical attention, help and support.

    I guess now you may start to understand a teeni tiny bit 🙂

  4. Mok

    What I don’t get is the delayed it quiets down soon after the game, then suddenly beeping/honking randomly starts up again at 1:30 am. Why? Ok cool, but I want to sleep eventually.

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