Gnomes at BHV!

Went to BHV this past weekend to buy some things for my new apartment.  It’s amazing how quickly my salary disappears here..A couple of towels, sheets, a fan..and voila!  Half of it is gone..

BHV Lebanon

there goes my salary..but at least I have sheets!

Aside from the fact that BHV’s visual merchandisers don’t know what they’re doing..take this example below..

BHV Lebanon

Displays at BHV City Mall..are those GNOMES?

..I have never met such unpleasant sales people in my life..who make no effort to hide the fact that they really hate their job.  Take the sales lady in beddings for example..I made sure to have my friend inform her that I was “shopping on a budget,” yet she took us around for 20 minutes, without so much as a smile, tossing the most expensive items into the cart.. making sure to put a little sticker bearing her name on each item. “Tfadal,” she would say, “Tfadal.” You tfadal me lady!!

BHV Lebanon

beware of the little stickers!

I started to see the cart piling up..and decided to whip out my Iphone to get a sense of how much I would be dishing out..

“$600,000!! This is insane!  Put it all back,,all of it!” I said to my friend.  Does the concept of shopping ON A BUDGET not exist in Lebanon?”

The sales woman could see I was visibly upset..and as I stormed off, with as much of the merchandise I could carry, my friend went around the aisles..trying to find cheaper options for all of the things I needed.  In the end I was able to get the bill down significantly, although I will have to live without some conveniences, like AC, for quite some time…. from here on out, BHV will be my last resort when shopping for things for my apartment..

Some people really need to get the hell out of Sales!!


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17 responses to “Gnomes at BHV!

  1. Liliane/FunkyOzzi

    Wlek! Dani! why did your friend take you to BHV the soaps there cost as much as a whole bathroom!

    If you still need stuff let me know! 😛

    AC for 300$.. if u want! I wanna tell you mabrouk for your new place btw! let me know beforehand so I buy you a soap from BHV

  2. Your first mistake was to go to BHV.
    I think the concept applies to all countries: for cheap stuff go to not-so-fancy looking places.
    A small tip on how to find those places: Find a snob frenchy women (real easy to come by in Lebanon), and ask her what’s the scariest shop she’s ever been in to.
    That should give you a hint of where the cheap stores are 🙂

    • meinlebanon

      Thanks for the tip! If I knew where else to go, trust me I would have gone friend is new in the country too..I guess we were both clueless..where is Ikea when you need one?

  3. BHV sucks when it comes to service. Their electronics NEVER work, they are overpriced and you can barely find anyone to help you. I’m glad you stormed off from that lady, they sometimes deserve such treatment.

  4. 600.000$!!!
    the small stickers is the name of the lady who helped you so they take bonus on that! the management think that with some bonus the sales women can smile :O)

    • meinlebanon

      I know they are..that’s why I said beware of the small stickers..and that she was making sure to put her sticker on everything she put in the cart.. 😉

  5. Try Qaroot next time. Budget prices and just about everything you’ll ever need.

    I wince whenever my wife gets within a mile of BHV. It’s deadly.

  6. Simon

    “..I have never met such unpleasant sales people in my life..who make no effort to hide the fact that they really hate their job.”

    i don’t have a clue what BHV is or where it is, but the quote above made me laugh 🙂 I know exactly what you went through with those unpleasant sales pple.
    Last year when i was in lebanon in July, somewhere in kaslik in a shop, the girl working there interrupts a lady browsing the shelves and tells her they don’t stock big sizes!! here in australia u can sue her skinny ass! same happened in Zahra, as well as City Mall Dbaii with my size 10 cousin!

  7. Dar El Akhdar

    Look no further than the “Eldorado Shopping Center” across from Starbucks in Hamra!

    Granted it’s not ABC or BHV but you can find nice convenient items for your place at real competitive prices!

    (Beware of the “Abidas” and “Nice” items though)

  8. Marquee

    It always amuses me how shoppers tend to nag all the time ..and yet they visit the same place again and again .. Reverse psychology ? Most probably ..
    The thing is , Lebanon is known by labels … what’s worth shedding lights on is the fact that it sucks 🙂 ( individually speaking ) ..
    Anyways , BHV is the ideal place for certain types of people , and hell for others indeed ..
    The sales assistant might have been enslaved by the greediness of her work , but then again , that’s what she do right ? this is SALES !
    Bottom line people , stop being typically LEBANESE , because it sucks :D!
    All we ever do is nag , complain , ask for a lot and give nothing !
    Best regards ,
    Staff member ..

    • DanielleB.

      If I may..

      1. I’m not Lebanese
      2. I have only ever visited BHV once.
      3. I used work in sales. There is a difference between sharkiness/greediness and helpful service.


  9. Serge

    It’s funny how we meet such type of clients everyday… do you that shooting in a mall is restricted first? Would you accept someone taking pictures of you store and publishing it over the net with some extra BAD comments?
    listen, we know what bhv is , and if its not the way we know it, than we wouldnt have over 13 000 loyal clients, with loyalty cards,,, honey, the sales lady is enslaveddddd. she is restricted from going to the toilet when she needs to because of the so-called ” heure de pique” by tghe manager. it means between 4 and 8 we are not allowed to go to the toilet. we are forced to work doube shifts all along december without taking any day off
    and yet we should serve the clients with a smile and put the fucking incovenient sticker because our salary is not over 350 $ and the sticker may increase it to reach 400$
    thanks, but please, the next time you go into such type of mall, please think of the way emmployees are being treated before you judge the whole store staff

  10. I wonder how what first looked to be a PR move by BHV staff is turning into something utterly.. exotic.
    Serge, are you trying to defend BHV or ruin its reputation? You lost me there for a second..

  11. T

    Am I missing something, but isn’t 42,900 LBP almost 29 bucks?

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