A walk along the Raouche..

This past Sunday marked the first time I ever walked along the boardwalk of the Raouche.

Something that I intend to do much more often..

You see everything on the Raouche..

Groups of men beating the drums and dancing the dabke…couples staring longingly into each others eyes…generations of families watching over their little ones as they take a few wobbly steps…boys doing wheelies on their bicycles…men screeching their rollerblades right next to a group of giggling girls…toned athletes getting in their Sunday run…brides waving to no one as they drive by on their rented Mercedes Benz…couples on the verge of breaking up…men getting ready to jump into the polluted waters of the Mediterranean…a group of boys watching as a man swings around the coals of the argileh..men selling inflatable toys…couples taking pictures of each other in front of the iconic Pigeon Rocks..

and me, a girl from Miami..taking it all in..

It really was something…

Raouche Beirut Lebanon

A day by the sea..

What’s funny about this picture is its juxtaposition to Riviera Beach Club..only a few meters away, yet what a world of difference..

Raouche Beirut Lebanon

A mere man, amongst rocks..and garbage..

Raouche Beirut Lebanon

A girl and her bike..

Raouche Beirut Lebanon

fun along the Raouche..



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4 responses to “A walk along the Raouche..

  1. I left Lebanon about 4 years ago, and those scenes are still painted in my heart, it’s what real people are all about…

  2. lebanesemaryooma

    I’d pick the real thing over the glamour ANY given day!.. hope you enjoyed it.

  3. Dar El Akhdar

    It’s amazing how timely this post is!

    Just last Saturday I was walking back from AUB to my place all along the seashore – and I took a picture where you have families in the foreground sitting on the rocky shore eating out of plastic plates, then you have the glitzy Riviera clientele in the background dancing life away…

    Nevertheless, now that I’ve been in Beirut for a while I can’t believe how I managed to live away from the sea – and that Raouche seashore in particular

  4. What’s happening in the last pic?

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