I knew the day would come when the novelty of living in Lebanon would begin to wear off…Alas it has arrived..Please, all of you, help me out!  Please suggest some new things I should do!

So far, these are on my list:

• Visit the spectacular Jeita caverns, around 20km (13 miles) north of Beirut. On two levels, the lower gallery includes an underground waterway which can be visited by boat.

• Shop at the old souks (covered markets) in Tripoli, a town famous for its sweets and traditional olive oil-based soap.

• Discover the archaeological sites of Tyre. Area one contains ruins of the large district of civic buildings, public baths and mosaic streets, whilst area two has an extensive network of Romano-Byzantine roads. Area three contains one of the largest Roman hippodromes ever found.

• Visit the courtyard and state rooms of Beiteddine, in the Chouf Mountains, which is the site of the palace built by the Amir Basheer in the 19th century.

• Visit the Roman temples of Baalbeck (I know I know, I still haven’t done this!)

Any other suggestions?



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13 responses to “Already?

  1. Mar Charbel is very nice

    Arz and Bechari as well, you can visit the Khalil Gibran museum if you’re into that

    Bourj Hammoud < my favorite place. Just walk and get lost and discover

  2. PS: I’ve never been to baalbak, Tyre or even the Jeita caves which is like 5 minutes from my house.

    Tripoli souk I’ve been there once since we were filming a commercial there. It was pretty good.

  3. lebanesemaryooma

    hmm there’s tours that will take you out for a whole day .. I’m not sure of the details because I don’t live in Lebanon but give it a try at least at the main connex station. Also, I really do suggest exploring nature … there’s some ruins which aren’t as famous as others but are still worth giving a try. So take out a map and see where life takes you – make it a picnic day out. If you can get a visa also go to Syria … since Syria is much a larger country – you might have more things to explore which overall is kind of similar to Lebanon nature wise and even at sometimes historically. I would also add, to make sure that you go to Harrissa — the higher you are in Lebanon, the more you see, the better. I am coming to live in Lebanon (inshallah) the coming June and I simply can’t reach the point you are at right now. Lebanon needs to stay fun as long as possible. And if anything take up classes (a nice cheap option in Tripoli so hopefully in Beirut too), hit some festivals (this summer there’s a good number of them as you might already know). And try some of the museums and stuff. If you need details is a good source a lot of the sites are there and are broken down into categories which is really helpful for someone who isn’t so aware of everything in Lebanon.

  4. Dar El Akhdar

    Discover Beirut on foot – new perspectives to-be discovered for sure (trust me I’m a professional pedestrian :D)

    Plus I have a friend who operates touristic tours all across Lebanon (his travel agency is in Hamra if you’re interested)

  5. – Hop in a teleferique and go to Harissa [Our Lady of Lebanon], Jounieh 🙂
    – Byblos fortress [Great Temple]

  6. Nour

    maybe you could go visit one of the museums:
    -the Mouawad museum
    -the national museum (if you haven’t been there yet)
    -there is a pretty good historical museum at A.U.B.
    -the wax museum in Byblos
    p.s. the Tripoli souk is great but try to get a guide because it has tons of hidden places that are hard to find like a very old bath which was hiding behind a mini-market. hope i was useful

  7. A trip to the cedars is a must! One beautiful adventure indeed…a lot can happen…I suggest an even more beautiful trip..a weekend in the Afqa Reserve.

    You can choose some of the most amazing experiences to do from mountain climbing, to cave exploration, to bicycling around the area there plus its got a breathtaking view, amazing weather, and you’ll have tents to sleep in, restaurant to cater to your needs and a lot a lot of nature all around you. I spent a weekend there, it was MAGNIFICENT! One of the best!

    There used to be a group of foreigners who had a cool boat as well, they would take people out at sea along the Lebanese coast for a whole day…another experience there…but I’d have to make sure if these guys still come every year.

    Exploring the sacred valley of Becharreh….this is an area of hidden caves and old churches of amazing beauty…its a valley where a lot of Saints came to live in the very old days…you can walk between the trees all along the valley with a beautiful river running all along with you. Its fresh, its new, its historical….and then have some lunch or dinner at some of the restaurants around (with some traditional Lebanese delicacies)

    Hope these gave u some ideas 😉

  8. Do some eco-tourism! I went a couple of times with Liban Trek and I can assure you you’ll have a lot of fun exploring Lebanese nature!

  9. I agree with Elie,
    Eco-tourism will take you to unexpected places!
    i’ve already been to Jabal Moussa (hiking tour)
    it’s simply AMAZING!
    u can contact
    or simply visit

  10. A trip to Messaya vinyard in the Bekaa is a must.

    They do lunches on the weekends, check out their site and call ahead.

  11. Shop Talk

    Hey… Just came across your blog and I love it so far. The subject of your post is exactly the reason I started Shop Talk Beirut 🙂 Check out the Around Town section if you want to see more of exploration…

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