If only breakfast was catered everyday..

Gotta love it when you show up to work and a newly opened restaurant has catered free breakfast for the entire office..oh and when they introduce you to something like fette..AMAZING!  Love it!

Lebanese food

Looks like momma's home cooking, don't it?



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5 responses to “If only breakfast was catered everyday..

  1. Dar El Akhdar

    Where do you work?!
    This looks like something you can get used to 🙂

    And fatteh… Mmmmmmm

    You should try foul and fatteh in a place called “Akra” in Tripoli – the best! – or “Essouseh” in Aicha Bakkar

  2. Dyala

    YUM! Can you give us the name of that restaurant? Looks good.

  3. Dar El Akhdar

    Where do you work?!
    That’s something one can get pretty well used to! 🙂

    As for fatte (Homer Simpson would say here “Mmmmmmm”), you HAVE to try it at a place called “Akra” in Tripoli once you go visit there

    And another tasty joint that offers foul, hommos and fatte is called “Souseh” in Aicheh Bakkar (deep off of Verdun)

  4. Simon

    What’s Fatte?
    That looks like way too much food for breakfast!
    i’m more of a coffee for breakfast at around 6am, another coffee at around 8am, then another at 10am, and my first meal is at lunch 12pm.

  5. lebanesemaryooma

    @Simon: this right here is the healthiest food to eat … and at breakfast even more so. Coffee isn’t healthy but a choice many people make. In Lebanon, breakfast is a MUST.

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