Oil me up!

Who needs designer perfume when you have vanilla oil?

I ran out of my perfume recently..(I’m actually surprised it lasted this long..7 mths!)..and haven’t been able to find it in stores around town..

Hearing of my dilemma..my friend brought me back a vial of vanilla oil from her trip to Amman..”You’ll love smelling like freshly baked cookies..” she said..

And, I have to agree.  I kinda do!

Oh, and did I mention that the oil is $1?

So next time your shopping for perfume..why not try an oil based alternative..? (There are stores all around Hamra)  It’s cheap, compact, and you’ll smell like cookies..what’s not to love?

Oil perfume

Who needs Designer perfume when you have vanilla scented oil?



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2 responses to “Oil me up!

  1. Micheline

    Absolutely! There is a magical place, in front of Antoine on Hamra. It is tiny and it is worth visiting just to chat with the lovely lady who owns it. She will mix you any kind of oil, all natural… Have become addicted to her mixture of yasmeen and fol. Have half a vial left, so it will be time to visit Beirut soon… 🙂

  2. tangyorangesour

    good to see the nails without the colour, yes those oils are pretty good..

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