This is Beiruttttt!

Wow, there are a million and one things going on this weekend! Tonight, you have the finals of RedBull’s Middle East Drifting Event taking place at Forum de Beyrouth..(finally, all of the crazies will be off the road!)  photo credit.

Red Bull drifting event Lebanon 2010
Red Bull drifffffting..

You also have flamenco guitarist, Jesse Cook, performing at the Byblos Music Festival (this is where I’ll be!) photo credit.

Jesse Cook Byblos International Musica Festival
Can’t wait to see him tonight!

Tomorrow, on Saturday the 17th, Sky Management will take over Downtown’s Outdoor Space for none other than David Guetta…(Did you know both him and his wife are in their 40’s! crazy!) photo credit.

David Guetta Lebanon 2010
F me. I’m famous! Or, you could just bite my chin. That’s cool too.

And then, on have Matinee World Tour at Riviera Beach Lounge..(a quintessential Lebanese pool oil, bronzed bodies, botox,.oversized sunglasses, rotating pool beds, and pulsating electronic music..wait, are we in Miami or in Beirut?) photo credit.

Matinee Beirut Riviera Beach Club

Where will you be?  Will you be at all of them?  Will you be at none?  Do I have no idea what I’m talking about? 😉

How have you been spending your summer..?

This is Beiruttttt!



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7 responses to “This is Beiruttttt!

  1. You also missed:
    Beirut Music Conference:
    George Acosta @ Debayeh Private Tent
    Paul Jackson @ Basement

    Dash Berlin, Fred Stone @Debayeh Private Tent
    Fredelux @ La Plage
    Said Mrad @ Sunset Beach Resort (rotating beds & all included)

    Got Also Paul Okenfold…

  2. wanted to be at the Dash Berlin thing…he’s one of the best producers/DJs out there! He has a full hour set tonight on my show….its all exclusive as well! 😀

  3. well talking lately with one festival organisator, he was telling me there is a sort of unspoken boycott of the people of these festivals.

    For ex, byblos got to invite 3000 persons over 4000 to make the media (and to fool those paying for the tickets) about its success.

    The real reason of the cancelation of Jean Michel Jarre concert is as well financial.

  4. I think this post answers you previous one (Already, on July 13!)

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