Lebanon runs on Dunkin’

The fact remains, doughnuts are the best way to start a brainstorming session..no matter what country..!!

Dunkin Donuts Lebanon

Dunkin Donuts at work..


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7 responses to “Lebanon runs on Dunkin’

  1. You should put a note below that says “Only applies to countries that don’t have Krispy Kreme”

  2. Ah you do? Didn’t know that. There is no way you can prefer Dunkin Donuts over Krispy Kreme. I haven’t had donuts for more than 2 years now but I can still remember how a krispy kreme original glaze would just melt in my mouth.

  3. I prefer Krispy Kreme 😛
    But oh do these chocolate donuts look delish!

  4. I second what Mark said! Krispy Kreme ROCKS!

  5. Dar El Akhdar

    Krispy Kreme is the way to go in the doughnuts category but I’m guessing the newly-opened Dunkin’ in Hamra is conveniently close to your workplace – right?

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