Rollover MTC!

I recharged my phone this weekend, and it was the first time that I realized that there was a “day limit” on the receipt..Apparently, the higher your recharge, the more time (or days) you get to use your that right?  So, $17 entitles me to 20 days..???

MTC Lebanon

My recharge receipt..

What BS is that?  So..what happens if I don’t use all of my units in twenty days? (yes, it is possible, I happen to hate talking on the phone) I lose all of my money?  But that’s not all it seems.., if you don’t recharge a month after your units expire, you also lose your phone number!

Wow, the telecom industry in this country is NASTY!  Good job MTC, you’ve managed to make me hate talking on the phone even more!

It’s at times like these when I miss ATNT and rollover minutes!

click to enlarge..

ATNT Rollover minutes

Ahhhh...ATNT..I miss you.



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7 responses to “Rollover MTC!

  1. Don’t blame the telecom operators. It’s not their fault. Blame the government.

    Telecommunication, Electricity, Internet = Governments fault

    MTC and Alfa are just running things on temporary contracts. None of them is going to bother investing or changing things, the government has to do that. They’re also not going to compete with each other since they both belong to the same owners.. the government. MTC and Alfa just get paid a fee to run things.

  2. If you recharge before your credit runs out then normally your remaining credit is carried over too, but it is still a non-consumer-friendly system.

  3. haha I love how even AT&T’s crappy network coverage, it’s still better than MTC n Alfa combined 🙂

    Dear MTC and Alfa,
    we need:
    -Roll over minutes
    -Unlimited texting

  4. forget about that. Dear MTC and Alfa. We need 3G.

  5. Dar El Akhdar

    Better yet:

    Dear MTC and Alfa,

    Please disappear from our lives at your earliest convenience so that professional and consumer-friendly companies that know what they’re doing take over our telecommunication

    Imagine Etisalat, Vodafone and Orange fighting it out for our loyalty…

  6. lebanesemaryooma

    We kind of have a siimilar concept in Canada except its 30 days.

  7. haissam

    telecommunication in Lebanon is a pure income for the government , and enjoys perfect monopoly , which leaves the Lebanese people stuck with the shitty services we currently get. One day , we’ll catch up with the rest of the world.

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