Yay for small victories..!

I used a gas stove for the first time in my life this morning!  Before you call me a spoiled princess, is it my fault that we don’t use gas stoves in the states anymore? 😉

Of course I went through about 5 matches before getting the bloody thing to light up..and must admit, I was a bit nervous that at any moment, the whole room might erupt in flames, and me along with it..

But alas,,everything turned out just fine..including my morning coffee.  (Although, I have to think..how healthy is it to leak copious amounts of gas into your house everyday?)

gas stoves

My gas stove..and the Lebanese version of a kettle..

Satisfied, I turned to my left..and high-fived Mr. Obama..who keeps me company, while he sits there..chilling on the side of my fridge..

Obama magnest

Word up Mr. President!

Yay for small victories!



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14 responses to “Yay for small victories..!

  1. I have to ask though… how have you been making food before your small victory ?

  2. Jim Ramsey Khoury

    Electric stoves are so much better! Shame our electricity is so shit.

  3. Micheline

    Good to see a clean stove and pot/pan… looool! 🙂

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  5. Dar El Akhdar

    I’m actually excited at the idea of a triumphant “afro” return to the world of hairdos…

    If anyone can make it happen – it’s Obama! 😀

  6. A German agent, once also told me how he went through all of the Syrian market looking for a small kettle for Turkish coffee with a magnet in his hand, and everyone looked at him like a mad man. Here is the middle east we can not imagine stoves not being gas.
    Even in Belarus, most of the stoves are Gas stoves as Gas is cheap and is provided by the government, through pipes like running water.

    So I guess, you still have many firsts in Beirut… and there’s a lot of novelty 🙂

  7. A Voice from NY

    You still see gas stoves in the States, just not in FL. For example, up here in the North East (NY, NJ, CT) 90% of the homes have gas stoves. Maybe it’s just me, but I HATE electric stovetops . . . it seems to take twice the time to boil water.

  8. hahaha
    Obama looks so gangsta yo!
    Congrats on usin the gas stove for the 1st time 🙂
    The small victories sometimes feel great just as the big ones…

  9. anateboteo

    I will never rent an apartment WITHOUT a gas stove. I don’t know how you people can cook on an electric. Crazy. You know why you’ll never see an electric stove in any professional kitchen ever? Cause they’re stupid. That’s why.

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