A chimney of curls..

I appreciate creativity in advertising, but not when it gets to the point of styling a woman’s hair in the shape of a house!!..I’ve been seeing this ad everyday as I pass the Hamra branch of Bank Beirut on my way to work..

The ads, which are plastered on the outside of the branches, feature this women with her ridiculous house shaped hair, and a blond haired blue eyed man wearing a pair of glasses in the shape of a house. Really?

And is that a chimney? hahaha a chimney of curls?

Do they have chimneys in Lebanon?  It really bothers me when advertisements aren’t market specific.

Home loans Lebanon

Bank Beirut's advertisement for home loans..

Have you seen them?

The wonderful ad even graces their webpage..

Bank Beirut Lebanon

Bank Beirut housing loan



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6 responses to “A chimney of curls..

  1. Dar El Akhdar

    This is typical lame advertising that is labeled “creative” by the advertising agency – and clients actually buy it!

    (“Wooow… They managed to incorporate the house IN THE HOUSEWIFE’S HAIR!! How cool is that?! People are going to LOVE it… Great job, advertising company… GREAT JOB!”)

    Shoot me now…


  2. LOL I see that ad EVERY day, and I laugh at it every day.

    ou and there are chimneys in Lebanon, but they’re mostly found in the villages/mountains.

  3. lana

    it really bothers me when someone is actually convinced there are no chimneys in Lebanon, weird! do u even live here?

    besides did you even get the concept?… its built on “imagination”, and i believe one is free to imagine his house the way he wants, wherever he wants…

    • meinlebanon

      Ok then! So, there are chimneys in Lebanon! I’m sorry..perhaps it was wrong of me to make such a hasty generalization..it’s just that, in my time here..I have never seen a chimney!

      I stand corrected..thank you for your insightful comment! 😉

  4. akh ur right…
    weird lookin ad…

  5. Actually I find the concept of the Ad a bit creative. Especially because in Arabic its written “Still seeing the world houses” meaning, If you want something really bad, you imagine it everywhere…
    So this woman wants a house so bad she’s even seeing houses in her hair…
    ok I think the I made the idea more complicated rather than simplifying it.
    I will just shut up!

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