Dress my apartment!

So, I just moved into my new apartment right..which is a good thing.. except for the fact that the girl who lived in the apartment before me was a cave woman in her past life.  In the year that she lived there,,not once did she clean the bedroom, open the windows, dust, sweep, or mop.

Can you imagine what was waiting for me?  Ginormous dust bunnies.. that’s what.

After deep cleaning the entire room, the only thing that was left to deal with were the curtains.  In a fit of impatience and disgust, I pulled them down and threw them away..certain that no amount of cleaning would ever rid them of their filth..

It seemed like a good idea at the time..well..until I woke up the next morning to sets of peering eyes from the construction site RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW!  Did I mention that I’m likely the most impatient person you will ever meet, and have a tendency to make rash decisions?  Well, now you know.

Windows Lebanon

there it is..my curtain-less window..and my fabulous view.

Where am I getting with this?  Well, I was on facebook, and saw that Skaff is running a social media campaign..where you have to locate the Skaff Jacket (see photo below) take a picture of yourself in front of it, and upload it to the Skaff Interiors page on Facebook. The winner receives a $100 gift voucher from Skaff..just what I need to buy some fabric and some curtains!

Does anyone know where this jacket is?  Will you help me find it?!?

What do we think of the campaign?

Skaff fabrics

Skaff Jacket..I want to dress my home!



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13 responses to “Dress my apartment!

  1. Mark

    I would pay $100 NOT to wear that jacket

  2. Skaff has recently been trying to target younger generations, and appear in a more modern image in the hopes of building their client base for the future. They’ve been in several exhibitions with a trendy look, and even had a rock band play in the Beirut Boat Show. I think they’re down right on an interesting path…

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  4. soha

    use photoshop and put urself in front o it 🙂

  5. Dar El Akhdar

    I wouldn’t spend my time looking for that hideous jacket, if you ask me 🙂

    Check out Luanaitc (in the Monot area)
    They have a crazy sale tonight:

    You might find the perfect furniture addition to your flat – in addition to 2-3 curtains options to choose from (quite retro and vintage)

    Good luck!

  6. FunkyOzzi

    Ugliest jacket I’ve ever seen… lol

  7. didie

    uffff i have to stick with the others… tht’s certainly the ugliest jacket i’ve ever seen!
    concerning the “peering eyes” part of the problem, does your bathroom has curtains? you know the kind of curtains you put around the shower to be sure water won’t flood your whole appartment and create a swimming-pool in the middle of it. you could hang them instead of the filthy ones, just temporarily akid! it’s just a thought though eh…

  8. Reading ur post about cave women, I was thinking to myself – “oh my god, she moved into our old place…”. Then I saw the photos and was comforted…

    The thing is there’s a lot of dust in Beirut and when we were planning to move out,we really did not take care of the apartment the last month AT ALL, plus when the movers come and take apart furniture a lot of dust appears too…

    Point is, don;t be harsh on cave woman 🙂

    About Skaff, I think it is a great campaign, you can try out their Sanayeh store in search of the Jacket, but i doubt 100$ will be enough for curtains.

    Try buying ready made bamboo blinds, in order not to invest much 🙂

  9. BeirutiAdventures

    Hey buddy, if you find any cool and funky furniture places while refurnishing your place, let me know where they are at. I wanted to get new furniture for my new apartment in Ashrafieh too, but I was short on time to go looking for some. *tears* Ill be back soon, so if you come across any cool places fill me in 🙂


  10. Is the $100 voucher u will win ENOUGH to buy some curtains? :S

  11. Ziad

    I think it’s at Skybar

  12. yourboyblue

    I’m pretty sure that cave woman and her family rented my apartment before I did. It was a giant mess and their kid messed everything up. Lucky for me, I’m now able to repaint and re-set up the whole thing. Yay!

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