Old school Lebanese magazines..

Found these magazines at my friend’s parent’s place..

Apparently they’re from 1973..

What do you think of the art direction? The copy?

Vintage Lebanese Photos

I'm guessing this is Hamra?

Vintage Lebanese photos

What plane meals used to look like..

Lebanese vintage photos

I have no idea what it says,,can someone translate? "Smoking is as much a part of Lebanese culture as Baalbeck is?"

Vintage Lebanese Magazine

Again,,can someone translate? I can imagine it says something like, "We're the number one choice for jet setters?"



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11 responses to “Old school Lebanese magazines..

  1. Simon

    My arabic isn’t that great, but i think the Marlboro ad says something like:
    “In the World, these columns refer to Baalbak.
    “In the world, high quality cigarettes refer to Marlboro”

    As for the “Craven A”
    says something like:
    ” All around the world, Craven filter King Size, is modern as tomorrow, perfect balance between the filter and tobaco, to give a gentle and pure taste.”

    • meinlebanon

      Seems like your Arabic is quite good! Thanks for the translation!

      • Is there an ad for Old Spice in those magazines? I modelled for it around that time but left everything behind when I fled Beirut during the civil war. My daughter has asked to see it! I also worked as a stewardess for MEA and that is exactly what we wore (also came in orange). The picture shows first class service, which included Iranian caviar.

  2. awesome stuff.. is there a way to post more of those?

  3. Here are the translations:
    Top pic: publication is called “Al Madina” (The City) [in red] blue slogan: Life is back to the city
    [Red finger in the bottom left corner not included]

    Second pic: 300 years of experience in training hostesses for MEA

    Third pic: Throughout the world these columns are a symbol of Baableck, throughout the world this is a symbol of cigarette quality, Marlboro

    Last pic: too small to read well, but it might be something like: Throughout the whole world, Craven searches for the best Tobacco…etc ends with “cleanest and purest”, something to mean premium selected quality from the world.

    Its interesting how there is no mention of a “quality lifestyle” as there is today in cigarette ads. I believe today the wording and sentence structures became smaller and simpler compared to the above…

    Smart way of using the pic at the top to show “life coming back towards you” in Beirut….works well with anyone looking at the mag cover. These are still in use today…we can always learn something by looking back…

  4. how AWESOME is this?!
    That first pic is RLY smtg!

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  6. Dar El Akhdar

    I can’t get over the nostalgic charms of these pics and graphics…

    You can feel in these dated visuals a sense of “class”
    – which is becoming increasingly elusive these days


  7. They’re great.

    Yes, the first shot is most definitely Hamra.

    Check out the traffic though … it’s going the “wrong” way.

  8. Such a great find, amazing

  9. BeirutiAdventures

    Absolutely amazing! 😀

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