Finger lickin’ good..or..not?

Went out to lunch with some colleagues from work today, and caught one of them putting on gloves before he ate his chicken wings..

“What are you doing?” I said to him, “Licking your fingers clean is the best part of eating chicken wings!”

He didn’t look too amused. 

“Not when you’re a graphic designer,” he said..

Chicken wings at Roadsters

Gloves - taking the fun out of eating chicken wings..

Do you eat your chicken wings with gloves? If you do, you don’t know what you’re missing!


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7 responses to “Finger lickin’ good..or..not?

  1. Dar El Akhdar

    It really depends 🙂

    I love the convenience of not having my hands feeling or smelling like chicken with the gloves (especially when the wings are basking in marinate or sauce…)

    I especially love the part where I remove the gloves and my hands appear – looking “magically” clean! 😀

    But you’re right – whoever hasn’t experienced wrapping up the meal on his/her fingers is missing out on a culinary tradition as old as mankind!

    (which reminds me: I need to go through it again sometime soon – it’s been a while!)

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  3. So what if he is a graphic designer? It’s not like they’re gonna hurt his hands! 😛

    Of course I don’t use gloves!

    Such a hassle, anyway.

    It’s just grease. It WILL come off.

  4. Moustafa

    KFC is the same on the rouche. How funny. It showed me one thing – how oily this food really is!

  5. Think about it, Chicken have wings but they don’t fly.. God created wings for chicken to be eaten! and of course without gloves!! “finger licking good” is what the caveman said after eating his first chicken wings, and it was the best thing ever happen to mankind..

    People, go back to nature and eat chicken wings without gloves.. for the love of God and humanity..

  6. Uxsoup

    He’s a graphic designer? I hope I don’t know him for his own sake. Maybe he thinks he’s queen elizabeth or something…or too much smoky smoky…

    A friend dropped by from the states and couldn’t stop laughing (literally) when he saw the gloves and HAD to call his friends back home and laugh about it!

    Pizza/Chicken/Burgers are meant to be eaten with your HANDS! using forks/knives/gloves will emphasize the “douche bagness” of a person 😛

  7. they should Ban the gloves from all restos 😀 so no one will ever miss the joy of “finger licking” after

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