Yesterday was a bad day for a lot of people.

Fighting broke out along the border between the Lebanese and Israeli armies..

Crown plaza caught on fire..

And this guy got his car smashed by an oil tanker in Hamra…

Accidents in Lebanon

That blows!


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13 responses to “One

  1. Knowing Lebanese drivers, I’m sure he came out of this parking spot without even looking…

  2. oh boy! what happened to the guy?
    yeah, yesterday was full of bad events

  3. ouch! I even had a super fever of over 45 degrees…last time that happened I was in elementary school!

    Such a weird day!

  4. BeirutiAdventures

    What a crazy day! I cannot imagine how surreal it must have felt for you!

  5. What happened to the guy?

  6. Dar El Akhdar

    Ironically, things were pretty chill in Verdun all day – even through the worrying developments in the South

    But I put the blame on the oil tanker as well – drivers of these mega-vehicles drive like crazy!

  7. I blame it all on the Solar Flare. Solar flares are known to correlate well with natural disasters, wars, crime rise…

  8. Damnnn
    Hope the guy’s doin well!

  9. Simon

    i think it says “3ikab” (punishment) on the tanker’s windscreen! ouch! hehehe

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