SkyBar birthdays..

Seems like there’s a birthday every week here at work..and the routine is pretty much always the same..

Gather people into the large conference room after working hours and light sparklers on fire while singing Happy Birthday..and then gorging on delicious cake from Canelle, Sugar Daddys, or La Cigale..

SkyBar Birthdays

Let SkyBar cater your next work place birthday!

My question is, what happened to birthday candles?  Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve never been to a birthday party outside of I don’t know if the SkyBaresque sparklers are only used because no one can be bothered to light more than 20 candles, or because the Lebanese just do everything better…

Sky Bar sparklers

Sparklers at SkyBar

The best part of a birthday cake is licking the icing off of every candle, no?!?!  Can’t exactly do that with sparklers..well I guess you could, but that would be..well..just..wrong.

What do you think?

Birthday candles

What happened to birthday candles?

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12 responses to “SkyBar birthdays..

  1. Lebanese just fire things up….don’t you see that already?
    Situation is good…we fire it up!
    Situation is bad….well…its already fired up!
    Brazil lost…lets..umm…fire it (where?)…UUUUUUUP
    Germans all the way…UP UP & AWAAAAAY!
    Dug out national treasure….fire and more fire!
    Political leader on TV….let’s go people you know what to do….
    Neighbors getting married…..etc etc

    So for a birthday…its just something a bit more than a “regular” candle to fire things up a notch 😉

  2. that doesn’t look too safe…

  3. Dar El Akhdar

    I don’t know about licking the icing off of every candle…
    Isn’t there a chance of tasting wax? 😀

  4. Well maybe they thought little candles are used at family birthdays at home 😛

    Where’s the fun in havin those big-ass fireworks dude!?

    The fun lies in blowin and huffin and puffin!

    • meinlebanon

      I can’t believe I didn’t even mention that! Of course! Blowing out the candles, making a birthday wish, and licking off the icing are all important parts of a birthday! 😉

  5. BeirutiAdventures

    It may be the craziness in me saying this…. but I love those huge sparklers! Although, now that I think about it…lighting those up at a Canadian restaurant for a birthday would most likely get me arrested…. but they are so…pimpin! 😛 The smaller wax candles are more initmate I find them…

    LOL @ Gaby…. so true man…so true! haha

    • meinlebanon

      I was almost sure that the fire alarm was going to go off! The stench coming from the sparklers smelt up the whole room! I agree, they are nice..but there is something special about blowing out candles, making a birthday wish..and then licking the icing off of the candles!

  6. I’ve never been at a birthday during my adult years where they used the small regular candles. It has nothing to do with SkyBar.

    But licking it off the candle? what about the wax taste?!

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