Smoggy Sundays..

I was going to go to the beach this morning..that was until my friend sent me this picture of Beirut from her house in Hazmieh..

I can’t believe I’m breathing this in!  How disgusting!

I’m getting out of Beirut!  I’ve decided that if I stay in Lebanon another year or two, I will be moving to Jounieh!  I can’t stand the thought of breathing this in!

smog in Beirut

smong in Beirut on August 15, 2010 @ 12:25pm



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11 responses to “Smoggy Sundays..

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  2. I once took a similar picture in Dubai. It’s even worse there. I suggest you move somewhere higher than Jounieh. It’s the same as Beirut, I guess.

  3. What you see in this photo is not due to pollution in Beirut, it’s Sunday and there’s relatively a small number of cars. If it was a weekday you would have seen the same photo with black fumes instead…
    I think this is fog due to the excessive humidity in the city, and the wind usually carries it up to the mountains in the evening…
    just a thought, I’m not a weather expert! 😛

    • meinlebanon

      I agree with you somewhat..I think the humidity is what is causing the smog. I think the pollution is in the air permanently, the humidity is just making it more noticeable today. Whatever it is, it doesn’t look healthy!

  4. I live in Seheili which is around 5 minutes past Jeita and it was the same here today. Actually passed by the Jeita country club to swim and tan but it was too cloudy and foggy so i just left an hour later without even taking a dip.

  5. I dread coming down from Mansourieh on days when the sky is brown. You need to make a move in elevation…try Broumana, Mansourieh, etc…

  6. Bana

    Hey! I just came across your blog today and am surprised to see a lebanese blog.. I thought I had that covered and discovered some new bloggers today. Anyhow, if you ever have time to stop by mine, please do!

    and from your posts, we don’t seem to be impressing you much hahaha but believe me, once you begin to understand how beirut works with all its ADD and bipolaria you’ll love it 🙂 keep on writing, love your posts.

  7. BeirutiAdventures

    WOW! That looks gross! But could it have been fog? :S I dunno, it’s gross either way, considering th e city is swarmed with cars and burning things is common LOL! You need a visit to the Bekaa Valley!
    Great post. I love reading what you write… ❤

  8. Jounieh is as bad as beirut, move somewhere a bit higher

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