#iftartweetup @ Leila’s ABC Debbayeh

What happens when you tell your friends on twitter that you’ve never been to an Iftar* before?  They organize one for you!  Thank you tweeps!

*An Iftar refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community, with people gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is done right after Maghrib (sunset) time. Traditionally, a date is the first thing to be consumed when the fast is broken. credit

Here are some photos from the #iftartweetup at Leila’s ABC Debbayeh..

Leilas ABC Debbayeh

Leila's before the twitter crew arrived..

Leila's ABC Debbayeh

Leila's ABC Debbayeh..The design and the decor of the restaurant were both very striking..

Leila's ABC Debbayeh

The Iftar Menu..

Leila's ABC Debbayeh

Aww..all the kiddies and their lemonades!

Leila's ABC Debbayeh

Some of the dishes..

Leila's ABC Debbayeh

Master chef, @dashkoun, showing off his fetteh skills

Leila's ABC Debbayeh

Aaaand just when you thought it was over, the food kept on coming!!

Leila's ABC Debbayeh

And coming!!..this was the desert, and that is @sdarine pouring sugary syrup all over it! 😉 yumm..there was something else, but I don't remember what they're both called..anyone know the name?

Leila's ABC Debbayeh

Three hours later..and still eating..!!



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18 responses to “#iftartweetup @ Leila’s ABC Debbayeh

  1. mariam

    I remember finding this restaurant online a few years back. It looks amazing decor wise. When I come to Lebanon it’s a must that I go there. Thank you for reminding me this place exists. Hope it tasted as good as it looked.

  2. the desert is called “Knefeh Osmanliyeh”

  3. Gustav

    Wow, looked great and delicious!

    Wish I followed right to meet up with you guys! Oh well, next time… 😉

  4. jennifer

    it was the longest most fun iftar :D. time really flew quickly and the food was really good it was nice meeting you all 😀
    hope to c u all soon

  5. Yum! missed opportunity for me too!

  6. Ohhhhh! It must have been so much fun… And the knafeh looks deliiiiiiicious 🙂

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  8. BeirutiAdventures

    Awesome! It looks like you guys all had fun! Sahtein 😀

  9. You should have mentioned that this post was NSFF (Not safe for fast) 🙂
    Anyway, looks like you guys had a good time. Sa7tein.

  10. Mom

    Everything looks delicious … can’t wait for you to come home and we can go check out some Lebanese restaurants here and you can educate us Danielle!!! Great friends you have to do this for you too.

  11. jennifer

    it was the longest most fun iftar
    it was nice to meet all of the attendees 😀
    looking forward for the next tweet up 😀

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  13. Now am hungry again!!! Bad Dani Bad! lol

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