Is it safer underground?

In light of recent events in Beirut, one of my friends thought to send me this youtube video of the nightclub, The Basement.  Come to think of it, it may not even be for the nightclub, but for an awareness campaign.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most creative promotional videos for a nightclub I’ve ever seen in my life, but at the same time, one of the most heart wrenching..If that makes any sense..

The video is from 2009, so some of you might have already seen it, but even so, I thought it was worth sharing.

Please, watch it until the very end to see what I’m talking about.



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17 responses to “Is it safer underground?

  1. Deema AL SAIDI

    This made my day.

  2. meinlebanon

    I’m glad I made your day! But what I say is true,,it is one of the most creative, if not THE most creative video for a nightclub that I’ve ever seen.. was it a promotional video? Where did it air?

  3. Sam

    Akhhhh…. I miss basement!!!

  4. of course it was a promotional video 100%

    it’s not broadcasting anywhere except online. this is a VIRAL. made to broadcast online and only online.

  5. Well this is the first time i see it but i didn’t like it
    1st- It shows that there is always war in Beirut.
    2nd: even in war time Lebanese are clubbing.

    • meinlebanon

      I don’t think it shows that there is “always” war in Beirut..the storyline takes place over one night. And for your second point, isn’t that the sad truth? Don’t Lebanese still go out clubbing during war time? Haven’t they become so desensitized to war and conflict that they continue to lead their lives as normal? That’s what some of my friends told me at least..

      “During the 2006 war, we were drinking and going out to bars while the Israelis were dropping bombs..” That’s what they’d say..

      • Sam

        Isrealis were dropping bombs, Lebanese were dropping shots

      • There are always exceptions..But generalizing doesn’t have a point when few numbers of people like your friends do certain things…and maybe this club is targeting those people only.Sorry but i did not like the idea :O)

    • I agree. I don’t like it at all.

      A lot of my friends, those who were lucky enough to leave Beirut at least, were clubbing non stop during the 2006 war, and describe it as the best summer of their life. I think that’s sad. It doesn’t show the Lebanese “love of life” or whatever it is they say it shows, but their carelessness of their compatriots. When the Israelis are dropping bombs, I’d rather not be enjoying my time out and dancing, knowing others are dying not too far from me.
      This is exactly what this video shows, and it bothers me.

  6. Dar El Akhdar

    It is heart-wrenching indeed… Specially the effects highlighting a post-apocalyptic Beirut

    Besides – not my type of music AT-ALL! 😀

  7. Mom

    Have to agree with Joe’s Box on this one. Creative, it may be … but I found it in poor taste. I’ll admit, many times it may be necessary to “desensitize” oneself somewhat from the harsh realities of life in order to survive psychologically … for example, police officers and emergency room workers would not make it in their jobs if they did not do this. However, I thought that this particular video was pushing it a little too far.

  8. as much as this video works perfectly for the club, its creativity isnt very genuine, because this is the true story of July war 2006, people will dying while others where clubbing, to some extent it isn’t culturally sensitive of the Lebanese majority, and i dont see any television ever showing this … might cause some problems.

  9. meinlebanon

    I agree with all that you are saying..I never said that I loved the’s actually quite disturbing..but it is one of the most creative nightclub ads I’ve ever seen – and that is my personal experience. 🙂 I understand that it can be quite offensive, which is why it likely didn’t air on television as you said Lebanese voices.

  10. I agree with your mom, the fact is its showing a harsh reality which Lebanese want to flee from, a historical line of events “not to be mentioned” and to be slowly forgotten.

    I find the video poor and unprofessional, using a delicate time and promoting a club isn’t the best thing in the world, and doesn’t do any good to The Basement as a brand.

    Risky brand communication business…fortunately for them, viral marketing didn’t and wasn’t becoming “mainstream” at that time.

  11. JADE

    Hello All,

    The is a viral, and the purpose of the viral is to shock.

    Please note that this isn’t meant to promote the club that’s why it stayed online only, and there are so many other way to promote the basement than this one.

    A little historical overview: during the war, when a lot of people were partying, the basement kept its doors shut (because we thought it was unethical to resume activity) and the crew was working on fundraising activities (mostly with Mowatinun, an organization whose aim what to provide daily food for the refugees), even after the war, the basement was organizing events in Europe for the red cross (and gathered more than 30,000 Euros).

    The idea from this video, is not to specifically say that this is happening during the war, and at the basement, or this is a general situation during the war…

    But mostly to point out both the negative and positive sides of our mess: some people party and don’t care about what’s happening around them OR no matter what happens, and every time they bring us down, we decide to continue and we chose life.

    You can interpret it the way you want, and that’s cool. However, it is definitely genuine, it is just portraying a reality, and pushing it too far, cause it’s a viral after all, and because those people partying while others were dying didn’t feel that something was wrong (i hope they would watch this video).


  12. Hmm… The video is provocative especially because of the couple’s reaction (or lack of) after seeing the destruction going on while they party. The question is, as concerns the real state of the world, what is the better option?

    Should we suffer because others are suffering? Or should we maintain our ignorance since it permits our bliss?

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