Is this standard?

Was helping my friend host a little get together at her place last night, when one of the guests showed up with a gift – a magnum bottle of rose wine..

“How the hell are we going to chill this in your tiny freezer?” I asked her..

“No clue!” she said..

A magnum bottle of wine to a small get together?  Only in Lebanon..

Kefraya wine Lebanon

Could barely hold this thing up...hey maybe magnum bottles of wine are standard here in Lebanon..but all of my years attending and working at wine festivals in Miami, not once have I ever seen a bottle this size!



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11 responses to “Is this standard?

  1. Simon

    I guess the friend didn’t give it much thought when she/he decided to buy that ridiculously large bottle!.

  2. I don’t think it is usual – you usually get the regular size, unless it’s just me…..

  3. bob

    I love how you end every silly incident with “Only in Lebanon…”, like you’ve never been to any other country in the world where the same silly incidents occur.
    Miami wine festivals suck, because american wine festivals suck. It’s a known fact that Americans can’t drink and american wine tastes like piss. Maybe next time you’ll reference countries that actually know how to drink, like Italy or France where these bottles are common because:”If maturing your wines in the bottle allows them to reach full potential, then maturing them in large bottles allows them to reach new heights of excellence. It is simply that the ratio of air to wine is much lower in a large format bottle. With less oxygen, the wine matures more slowly. This not only creates a superior wine, it permits us to drink older vintages long after their 750ml bottlings have passed prime. For this reason, large format bottles are often preferred by collectors.”
    You still look hot though, and that’s something no one can take from you 🙂

    • BeirutiAdventures

      I beg to differ! American wines from California are pretty good! Especially something called “late harvest wines” where the grapes are really old, and have already started to ferment on the vine… very good!

    • Simon

      Mate, you are wat we call a Troll!
      ur ignorant, and pretty much stupid.

  4. You are mistaken if you think that American wines are the only wines that are featured at American wine festivals. But, that debate is for another time..

    The fact remains that this blog is dairy of all of the things I encounter in Lebanon that I have never encountered before in my life…someone brining a magnum bottle of wine to a house party is one of them..that’s all my friend.

    Hope you enjoy my blog..Cheers!

  5. It’s just that some like to have one helluva good time and need some liquid incentive.. or A LOT of it!

  6. actually, some bottles of champagne are just made for lebanon.

    It is not suprising me that lebanese wine makers are making such move.

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