Another day, another Iftar!

Somehow, I don’t think this is good for my “Pre-Miami” diet.

Basma Restaurant Achrafieh

Iftar at Basma - A new Lebanese Restaurant in Achrafieh..



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8 responses to “Another day, another Iftar!

  1. sound, some of them are good. I love it…. yam…yam

  2. yeah, they look delicious and crunchy…

  3. Those look sooooo amazing. Not good for those who are fasting!

  4. ok so now I know u eat a whole lot! lol

  5. I pass by it on my way to work. Do you recommend it? How do you rate it price vs quality?

  6. Gracia

    It’s quite an experience, no one should miss it…. i’ve been to Basma for around 5 times since they opened and i cannot but dream of their food taste……….. it is DELICIOUS……

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