2010 = A bad year for Lebanon’s tourism industry…

Having tired of the Hamra Street Festival, my friends decided it was time to do something different on Sunday..

“Let’s go to the beach!  What about Batroun,” I suggested.  “I’ve only ever been there once..Let’s go to Pierre and Friends.. I love that place..”

“Umm..,” my friend replied. “How about a pool?  My Mom was telling me a story this morning about her friend who was swimming at a beach in Batroun when cow intestines followed by dead cow floated up onto the shore..”

“Whaaaaat?” I replied, “You’re not serious..Please tell me your not serious!”

“Nope, I’m quite serious, not only were they dead cows, but dead sick cows.  I don’t know the details..but apparently instead of burning the cows, whoever was responsible chose to throw them into the sea.” he said..

“As if sewage and toxic waste weren’t enough, now there are dead cows in the Sea?  This is just too much.  Pool it is..” I said, but not before I did some research to make sure that what he said was in fact, the truth..

And sure enough, according to an article in the Daily Star titled, Dead cows in sea anger Batroun, Kfaraabida residents,

“BATROUN: Residents of the towns of Batroun and Kfaraabida are urging concerned authorities to remove a number of dead cows floating in the sea along the two towns’ coast. Some locals told The Daily Star that waves have driven the cows from the coast near Jounieh one week ago and no one has bothered to remove them. Some of the cows were beached on the coast and were producing bad odors. The residents of Batroun and Kfaraabida, beach-goers and owners of beach resorts urged concerned parties to protect the sea and the beach from pollution caused by the dead cows, and to prevent any damage to the tourism season. Experts highlighted the dangers of the incident, saying it required launching quick investigations to determine the cows’ origin, how they reached the Batroun coast as well as the reasons behind the negligence to address the issue for one week. –Antoine Amrieh”

First the Israeli attack of the Gaza Flotilla, then the death of Fadlallah, then the Adaysseh border clash, then the Burj Abi Haider clash, then Ramadan falling in the middle of the summer, now the dead cows floating in the already polluted sea..This year has not been good to Lebanon’s tourism industry.  I will be VERY VERY surprised if these year’s tourism figures are on par with last year’s..I don’t think they’ll even come close.  And that’s a damn shame..Lebanon is such a beautiful country with sooo much potential.

I wouldn’t want to be Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud right about now..



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10 responses to “2010 = A bad year for Lebanon’s tourism industry…

  1. Simon

    i’m stunned! i’m speechless!
    i’m disgusted that someone would even consider such a thing!
    I just don’t know wat to say!

    Sometimes, things like that makes you wonder why should you waste money and visit or live in such a country where its own citizens don’t appreciate it.

    i’m just angry now!

    • meinlebanon

      I know I know! You should have seen my face when he told me that..I was shocked..I really really didn’t want to believe it. How could people do such a thing?!? My next question is where does Lebanon get its water from, is it from the sea? Ughh,, all of this is just gross..and to think..SICK COWS? I can’t believe it…it’s just too much to even fathom.

      • Simon

        I’m pretty sure that Lebanon doesn’t get its water from desalination plants (the sea). It’s actually from underground water springs.
        Anyways, i don’t drink water when i’m in Lebanon, i stick to beer only! hehehe 🙂 (its true)

  2. Charbel

    Simon, you’re drop dead funny! (no you’re not)

  3. Mariam

    I think in all this the worst part is that we can’t track who did it. They were thrown off a ship bringing cows to Lebanon and when they saw the cows were sick they decided to cut off their heads and throw them which means we’ll never know who did it unless we have a darn good investigation. I hate knowing people come to Lebanon and abuse it.

  4. Lisa

    My husband had a sheep carcass go by him while at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai during Ramadan last year. That was when there was raw sewerage in the area too, seems like it’s not just Lebanon that has these issues unfortunately.

  5. BeirutiAdventures

    I guess it has been a very “interesting” year… oh well. As long as it does not get any worse, I can live with that…. The cows… thats disgusting, we had dead flow through our rivers once over here in Canada. I dunno if thats close enough comparison LOL.

  6. dani eid

    Hadi Waked is dead

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