I still have water..for now.

I feel very fortunate that I have yet to be affected by electricity and water shortages since moving to Hamra.  Although I can’t say the same for one of my friends who lives not too far from me, yet hasn’t had water in over a week!  My roommate thinks that our building has a well..what would I do if I didn’t have any water?  Where would I go to take a shower?  Ughh I don’t even want to think about it!..I hate to be the bearer of bad news today – but what is going on??!?!?

According to an article in The Daily Star,

“Experts added that over-consumption, over-pumping and mismanagement are causing Lebanon’s fresh-water wells to become contaminated with salt water, making the reserves unfit for human consumption, a recent study shows.

Lebanon has been gradually depleting its water resources through mismanagement, pollution or simply wasting it into the sea, with the Energy and Water Ministry estimating 1.5-billion square meters of rainwater gets washed into the sea each year.

The situation is so dire that last year experts warned that Lebanon could run out of water by 2015 if current trends were not reversed.”




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15 responses to “I still have water..for now.

  1. How come you don’t get power cuts???

  2. The problem is that the government is more focused on our tourism rather than solving issues such as this that plague the country.

    The electricity cuts outside Beirut are ridiculous. I went up to the village this weekend for Eid, and we only got 3 hours of electricity on Saturday……. seriously.

  3. Sietske

    Thank you for your compliments. I love them! And I hope the water situation in your place gets fixed soon. By the way, I was at the beach in Jiyeh this summer when we had a cow floating by. I remember telling a friend; “Look, there’s this stinking cow floating in the water, and those people over there are still swimming in the water.” And she replied, “Yes, and one if them is your daughter.” That was funny. She didn’t smell bad, though.

  4. My latest trip to Lebanon turned into a nightmare because of the water shortage.

  5. Maaaan. Does anything works 100% in this country?

    We had water problems for a while this year and it was hell. It’s been going fine since then though.

  6. f

    lebanese mismanagement of water resources makes my blood boil… gahhh. lebanon is one of the only countries in the M.E. with sufficient (even excess) water resources and yet these shortages happen every freakin year (though it sounds like 2010 has been worse than most!).

    does the rest of your building have plenty of water? if each flat has its own tank (normal), then maybe you are just being less wasteful than your friends.

    if you run out, well that’s what the gym shower is for, or in a pinch, a couple of big bottles of sannine. these are the lebanon memories i try to block out 😛

    • meinlebanon

      I don’t know about the rest of my building, only about some friends who live around the corner..have to say I’m too shy to knock on my neighbor’s door and ask. I hope that I don’t have to deal with shortages, now or anytime in the future..I hope that whoever is responsible, gets their act together, and fast! For everyone’s sake.

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