From Gemmazye to Miami Beach..

*This is Miami – post 5.

Power 96 Miami

Miami's most popular radio stations..96.5, 99.1, 100.7

I’ve been in Miami for 5 days, and must’ve heard this song 100 times!  It reminds me so much of when I first moved to Lebanon (in December) and used to go out to Gemmazye (specifically GEM) a lot- they would play this song all of the time!!..Ok, so maybe Miami is a bit behind in music..but still, it’s so funny hearing it here 9 months later.. 😉

I went on Power 96’s website and looked up the top 20, and sure enough, it is the number 2 most popular song on Miam’s most popular radio station.

Power 96 Miami

Top 20 countdown on Power 96 in Miami..Stereo Love is number 2..



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2 responses to “From Gemmazye to Miami Beach..

  1. Ahmed


    Looks like ur having an amazing time back in miami… it works perfectly for me since im in canada and i don’t have to wait till the next day to read your new posts haha. Anyways this song is pretty good but you should hear the new version (canadian of course) lol i think its much better than the original!

    and keep the updates coming! I love hearing about all the differences/similarities between leb + miami 🙂

    – Ahmed

  2. That was last summer’s jam!

    Still love it!

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