Cold Stone Creamery..

*This is Miami – post 7.

I’m a woman (or in this case, a big sister) of my word!  Took the kids to Cold Stone today.. 🙂

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Signature Creations

Usually, I get one of their Signature Creations..

Cold Stone Creamery

But my sister has her personal favorite - cotton candy ice cream with oreos!

At last, everybody is happy!


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9 responses to “Cold Stone Creamery..

  1. Mariam

    This place is supposed to be the “closest thing to Lebanese ice-cream,” and they recently came to Canada. Honestly, not a big fan and can’t be compared to Lebanese ice-cream. But hey at least you and your family enjoyed it

    • Charbel

      Huh, never knew that ice-cream was a Lebanese asset ;p

      • Mariam

        Not that it is specifically. But what we call “botha 3arabi” is much better than what we have here. And its not found in all neighbouring Arab countries. I know in Syria only that they have what we have. It’s the best of all ice-cream. In Lebanon, people want oreo icecream and I want lemonade and toot (blackberry) icecream.

        It’s just a preference I guess.

        I find it rather shocking how of all the things we have in our cuisine including our sweets and cocktails, we never talk about our oh-so good ice-cream.

      • meinlebanon

        Thanks for the information Mariam!

      • meinlebanon

        Me either!

    • meinlebanon

      Indeed..they not only enjoy it, they love it! Mainly coz of all of the funky flavors you can’t find anywhere else..I enjoy it..but I equally love Haagen Daas and Ben and Jerry’s amongst others. Lebanese ice cream? Well, I have had Italian gelato in Lebanon and it’s excellent!

      • Mak

        Hey Dani,

        can you get me a 50 pounds bucket of that cotton candy flavor, all of my friends had tried this place in Dubai and they said it is amazing…:)

  2. Dar El Akhdar

    (In typical Homer Simpson fashion)

    Cold Stooooooooone…..

  3. Oooh I tried that for the very first time last week in Dubai! It was really good. 🙂

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