The mystery of my neighborhood Greek Lebanese restaurant

*This is Miami – post 8.

My Mom has been telling me for a while now about this Lebanese restaurant close to our today we decided to go..

We pulled into the strip mall – coz you know, everything in the States is located in a strip mall – and I see a huge sign that reads “GREEK.”

Lebanese Restaurant Miami

And there it is...our charming Greek, Lebanese, or a mixture of both, neighborhood restaurant..Isn't it just so full of personality??

 I turned to my Mom and said, “Ummm are you sure we’re in the right place?  It says Greek, not Lebanese!”

Yes, yes I’m sure!  I think it’s both,,I walked past it the other day and there is a sign on the window that says Lebanese Cuisine..” she said.

So, I hopped out of the car..and sure enough..she was right.

Lebanese Restaurant Miami

Ok, so according to their window sign, they're Lebanese! How confusing! They probably didn't have any pictures of Cedar Trees, so the restaurant put up pictures of Palm Trees on their windows instead! lol.

But unfortunately this is where this fascinating story ends – at least for now!  You see, I peered through the glass to see if the restaurant was open, but save for a man moving about and fixing chairs, the restaurant was empty and completely dark.  He came to the door probably wondering why I was taking pictures of his restaurant and told us that the restaurant is closed because “a few things need to be fixed.”

On the way back home, my Mom told me that they had they had been closed all of last month in observance of Ramadan.

So folks..the mystery of whether the restaurant is Greek or Lebanese remains.  I guess I’ll try back again before I leave!



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8 responses to “The mystery of my neighborhood Greek Lebanese restaurant

  1. Dar El Akhdar

    Some restaurants abroad take advantage of the profitable “Lebanese” culinary label to attract customers – but they can be from Jordan, Syria, Turkey… even Greece! 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next episode of this culinary whodunit 😀

    • meinlebanon

      Yeah, I still don’t get it..but here it seems like other way around..they are trying to disguise the Lebanese food by calling it Greek? I’m going to swing by again and see if it’s open..

  2. Heh, funny.

    @ Dar El Akhdar

    Agreed. But the flipside of that? I used to live in on a tiny island in the UK, 9 miles by 4, 60,000 people.

    A Turkish restaurant opened up, so I went with the folks.

    I sit down, order and am chatting to the olds when I overhear the staff chatting in Arabic.


    Why? I don’t know. But they were anxious not to be exposed when I said “Hi”.

  3. Who cares about the Lebanese restaurant? There’s a Mrs. Fields right next door! 🙂

    Mmm, I miss Mrs. Fields..

    I hope you’re enjoying your trip (from what I’m reading, it seems you are..)


  4. I was complaining a few months ago when I wrote a post on gyros that a lot of Lebanese joints are afraid to claim their identity and say they are “Greek” thinking they will be accepted better; I have seen it done with Persian and Bosnians who say they are “Italians” etc. Too bad. Fighting prejudice is one thing, ducking it is another.

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