*This is Miami – post 10.

Contrary to what many people might think, there is so much more to Miami than nightclubs and beaches..

At any moment in time, Miami plays host to a number of different festivals, concerts, and live performances.  When I used to live here, my Mom and I used to attend at least one performance a month – between our busy schedules it was the one special thing that we would share together.

From Cats, to chanting Buddhist monks, Japanese Taiko Drummers, Cirque du Soleil, STOMP, Riverdance, Anoushka Shankar (Norah Jones’ sister), Buika, Gilberto Gil, Flamenco and Japanese acrobat performances, and off- Broadway plays..we have seen a bit of everything, and then some.

Many of the shows we have had the pleasure of attending have been held at the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts – a beautiful, state-of-the-art concert/performance hall in the heart of Downtown Miami..

So naturally, before I left Beirut, I went online to check if there were any performances that were scheduled during the two weeks that I would be home, and sure enough, there was!  So on Saturday, I went to go see Pandemonium, by the creators of Stomp..but this time with my Dad who lives in Trinidad and who had never been to the Adrienne Arsht Center before..

I could sit here for hours trying to find the right words to describe what the show was like, but let me just say that I think the creators succeeded in encapsulating the entire show in one word. PANDEMONIUM!

While I have to admit that I did enjoy STOMP better, likely because it involved more dancing and percussion beats, I loved PANDEMONIUM for challening my imagination even more than STOMP did.  I remember someone telling me that STOMP passed through Beirut, did any of you go to see it?

Anyway, in both shows the performers make music from the most bizarre objects – most of them being recycled garbage..PVC pipes, saws, glass bottles, plastic water bottles, cones (like the one you see on sporting fields), plastic containers and large straws, kids toys, wood, bags full of sand, rubber tubes, air conditioner coil tube things (I don’t know what they’re called), shopping carts, and steel garbage cans..

It really was absolute PANDEMONIUM!  You walk out of the show really unsure about how you feel about the whole thing!

I’m not sure if my Dad enjoyed it, it may have been a bit too chaotic for his taste..but I’m at least happy I got to show him the place and attend a performance while I was at home.  It really is one of my favorite things to do in Miami.

I’ve attached some pictures for you to see!  Whaddyuh think?

Downtown Miami

High rises in Downtown Miami..many of which are now empty or in foreclosure because of the sub-prime mortgage crisis that happened a few years ago..

Downtown Miami

Taxis in Downtown Miami - very different from the Taxis I now take everyday in Leb.

Adrienne Arsht Carnival Center

Adrienne Arsht Carnival Center - easily one of the most architecturally complex structures in Miami.

Broadway in Miami

Broadway in Miami - so much to do, so much to see! If you happen to be in Miami when "In the Heights" is showing, go and see it! I saw it on Broadway in New York and it was fantastic!

Adrienne Arsht Carnival Center

Adrienne Arsht Carnival Center from a different angle

Pandemonium by Stomp

Pandemonium by Stomp

Adrienne Arhst Carnival Center

Inside the Adrienne Arsht Carnival Center. Love this beautiful.

Adrienne Arsht Carnival Center

Great shot huh? I got it just before the ushers came around and told me to put my camera away..We had pretty good seats!

Pandemonium by Stomp

Garbage outfits were on display during intermission - inspired by the recycled garbage instruments used in STOMP and PANDEMONIUM.


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  1. yourfriend

    saw the Stomp show in beirut actually. not sure how long ago it was but i’m going to venture and say late 90s…
    would love to see pandemonium tho… the name alone sounds intriguing.

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