Fort Laudy Daudy

*This is Miami -post 16.

Fort Lauderdale Beach – in pictures.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach

The Fort Lauderdale Beach Boardwalk

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach Lifeguard Stands

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Some dude who was so relaxed he couldn't even make it to the beach!

Fort Lauderdale Beach

"Muuuussst Noooottt Falll Oooover.."

Fort Lauderdale beach

Soo Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Shopping on FLL Beach.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fressshhh Hottt NUTS - classy!

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Elbow room - a bar on Fort Lauderdale Beach..doesn't look like this dude needs any elbow room though..

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Dirty Blondes - they're all over the place in Fort Laudydaudy!

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Sea shell necklace anyone?

Fort Lauderdale Beach

aaaand this is where it ends folks - Da Big Kahuna



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10 responses to “Fort Laudy Daudy

  1. Dar El Akhdar

    Awesome immersive photo-post Dani! Makes me wanna go and do a Baywatch slow-motion run on the beach! 😀

  2. ahhhh the classic Baywatch slow motion run, right in front of some “dirty blondes” eating some fresh hot nuts loool

  3. yourfriend

    geez!! all i remember from fort laudydaudy were the retirees and the rain… and the tennis courts of the camp i was at, but that’s another story.
    If only i knew that there were dirty blondes enjoying hot nuts and plenty of elbow room for da big kahuna, … Considering i was 12 yrs old at the time i would have probably not cared, since Nickelodeon was so much more important then 😛

  4. Tara

    Thanks for these! I used to live there, and this brought back memories!!!

  5. BeirutiAdventures

    Miami – how beautiful! I’m glad your having so much fun!! Enjoy it, and thanks for the awesome pictures!!

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