Miami’s Design District

*This is Miami – post 17.

Contrary to what many people might think..there are places in Miami that are..just..well..not pretty. Not at all.  It’s not all CSI and Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, I’m afraid.  (It’s so funny actually..When I tell people that I’m from Miami, they throw out all sorts of names and scenes from these shows, and I have no idea what they’re talking about!)


The Design District, now Miami’s creative neighborhood, used to be one of those “not very nice/not too pretty” places..

That is, until lawyer and real estate investor, who is credited with reinventing South Beach, Craig Robbins, realized the district’s potential and purchased many of the decaying buildings – turning the Design District into what it is today.

According to an article in Loft Magazine titled, “Miami City Center,”

Craig saw the District as a self-contained neighborhood like South Beach. This time around, rather than a sandy playground, he says, his goal was “to create Miami’s creative neighborhood.” He planned to restore the Design District to its earlier function as a center for design and home furnishings. Because, he says, he wanted to “bring design to the street and out of the mall,” he rejected the idea of making the center open “to the trade only.” Instead he concentrated on making the district more accessible and inviting to the general public.

The success of the District so far owes as much to Craig’s artistic sensibilities as to his real estate acumen; he collects art much as he collects property. Promoting himself and the District over the years, Craig has delivered on his promises: The Design District once again serves as Miami-Dade County’s center for home furnishings and design. He has balanced the quality commercial design displayed in the District’s storefronts with a needed fine art influence. He draws visitors with his clever use of graphics and the display of pieces from his own art collection.”


That’s enough history I should think.  Anyway, here are a few photos from an afternoon I spent in the Design District.  The neighborhood was a bit slow, as it was a Sunday afternoon during one of the first Miami Dolphin football games of the season – an event that captures almost everyone’s attention – football fan or not.

When I used to live in Miami, I spent a lot of time in the District as well as in close by Midtown – either at an art and design event, or at one of the many first class restaurants and bars.  You see, us locals get a bit tired of commercial South Beach, and have come to prefer a night out in other parts of our incredible city.

Enjoyyyyy the photos!

Miami Design District

Miami Design District

Miami Design District

Miami Design District

Miami Design District

Miami Design District

DASH High School – or the Design and Architecture Senior High School is just that – a high school specifically for students who want a non-traditional high school education.  Named one of America’s best high schools in 2010 by US News, students get to work, hands on, in their field from the time they are in  high school.  Students get to chose from such programs as Industrial Design, Fashion, Visual Communication, Entertainment, and Fine Art in high school!

I think that is just amazing, don’t you?  They showcase a lot of their work in art and design festivals throughout the year.  It always amazes me some of the things they come up with.

Miami Design District

DASH - Ok, so I could have gotten a better picture, but it was a weekend!

DASH Student Work

Winning designs from DASH students, supported by HSBC Private Bank and shown at Design Miami/2008 - one of Miami's foremost art and design festival that I have had the pleasure of working at for the past three years.

photo source

Miami Design District

Miami Design District

Mai Tardi Restaurant Design District

Mai Tardi Restaurant Design District

Mai Tardi Restaurant Design District

Mai Tardi Restaurant Design District - another shot.

Mai Tardi Restaurant Design District

Happy hour at Mai Tardi.. kiwi caipirinha! Aaamazing.

Christian Louboutin Design District

Christian Louboutin in the Design District - only the best women's shoe in the WORLD. And that car, (what is it a Maserati?), was just chillin outside with a sign reading Maserati of about promotional placement.

Christian Louboutin Design District

Christian Louboutin Design District - check out those heeeeels!

Sra. Martinez Design District

Sra. Martinez Design District - an excellent Tapas restaurant, one of my favs!

Sra. Martinez Design District

Inside Sra. Martinez

Sra. Martinez Design District

Sra. Martinez signature dishes..Egg Yolk Carpaccio and Garbanzo Stew


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