Shop till you drop!

*This is Miami – post 18.

If there is one thing that you can do in Florida better than anywhere else, it’s shop.

I know I know..Lebanon has fantastic shopping as well..but I think the shopping people refer to when speaking of Lebanon is mainly in the area of designer dresses and designer labels – both of which I can’t afford!  I have really been hard-pressed to find a brand or a store in Lebanon that has good quality clothes (that fit me) and is affordable!  (and yes, I’ve tried Mango, H&M, Stravidius, Bershka, and Zara..but none of them seem to make me happy!  I love Massimo Dutti – but let’s face it..there stuff is a littttle on the pricey side.)

Anyway, my search continues..but in the mean time..I’m happy I was able to come home and stock up..!

DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse

Is this heaven or what? One of my favorites - DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse...which sells designer shoes at discount prices.

I mean, there really is something for everyone in Florida.  Even for those people who like to buy panties with the words “YES PLEASE” printed on the butt. lol.

Victoria Secret Store

Had to snap this photo in Victoria was just too funny. Maybe we have TOO many shopping options in Florida?


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4 responses to “Shop till you drop!

  1. Dar El Akhdar

    It’s amazing how much warehouse shopping seems to be developed in the States…

    (and I don’t mean looking around to buy an actual warehouse :D)

  2. Nessie

    You should try Agency for all and Glowbal

  3. LaSahely

    i totaalllyyy agree on the fact that there are shops missing in lebanon. Everytime we want to buy something, even though all designers are around, we lack of choice regarding affordable-good quality-fashionable stuff. That’s why we all get exciting when travelling. I mean even h&m isnt that good here!!

  4. Hey, I totally agree about the choice left upon us in Leb. I mean even h&m isnt that good, and we have no other issue than zara&co and we handed up all wearing the same stuff, im very interested in fashion and i find that our freedom in it is limited!! should be infinite!!

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