There comes a moment..

*This is Miami – post 19.

There comes a moment..(you know..when you’ve passed through airport security, and can no longer see your loved ones)..when the tears that you have been holding back (as to not make your Mother even more emotional about the fact that you are leaving) begin to stream down your face..

..and you think to yourself whether this incredible adventure, that has taken you half way across the world to Lebanon, is worth leaving your family behind – especially you’re younger siblings, who, even though they don’t know yet, need your guidance.

To my family, leaving you wasn’t easy.  I miss you and love you with all of my heart.



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3 responses to “There comes a moment..

  1. yeah i know the feeling… 😦 I remember crying without letting my folks see it.. but I guess, this is only an adventure, and you will be back there soon 🙂

    See you soon!

  2. ZouZeta

    Have a safe trip, and hope you will be able to see them again very soon 🙂

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