Awareness or Ignorance?

Usually, I always choose the former.  But when it comes to Lebanon’s political situation, I’m not sure if it’s in my best interest to always be aware.  I liken it to going to the doctor everyday, thinking “today is the day I’ll be diagnosed with cancer” – if that makes any sense.  Morbid thought…I know.

But really.. I don’t know whether I should be reading every article about Lebanon that I come across, or remain ignorant until something actually happens – and deal with it then.  For the first time since I’ve lived here, I understand the ignorance/indifference I once mistook for recklessness/insensitivity/cold-heartedness.

And..for the first time in my life, I think I’m going to choose to be ignorant.  There really is no other way to live here than to be ignorant (about certain things).  Or is there?

Photos taken from BBC – In pictures: Lebanon awaits Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad..See more here.


BBC Photos

Lebanon prepares for Ahmadinejad



BBC photos

Lebanon prepares for Ahmadinejad



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10 responses to “Awareness or Ignorance?

  1. cool, now you’re really becoming a true Lebanese 🙂 . that mindset you’re talking about is difficult for outsiders to understand..

    • meinlebanon

      Indeed! Well, it’s been 10’s about time, right? And yes, it was very hard for me to understand initially..but now? I FULLY understand.

  2. exactly, i barely follow any news… thinking that is there is big important news, it would hear about it anyways on social media or from colleagues or blogs 😉

  3. I barely follow any news myself and well I’m happy I stopped honestly, not worth it to say the LEAST!

    The major issues will always be shared around…you’re doing great to your own self when ignoring these.

  4. Trust me don’t get there, it will only make u miserable. Don’t try to understand how the country function, how people and politician thinks. Ignore ignore ignore. I learned it the hard way

  5. yourfriend

    Ahmadinejad is coming??? no way…


    soooooo… guess who is more ignorant…
    by choice of course…

  6. Simon

    The term “Ignorance is a bliss” goes well with living in Lebanon.
    Or else one would get a nervous break down from being bombarded with mostly a grim outlook of the future.

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