It’s Miss Baz to you.

So, apparently my family name is very similar to a common Lebanese family name – Baz.  Don’t mind that my family name contains an extra letter!  …It always amazes me how Lebanese people are always so eager to make me Lebanese!  I’m quite flattered actually, really..

Take today for example..I met a gentleman with the family name Baz.  Even after explaining to him that I grew up in Miami..that my parents are from Trinidad..and that they are of German, Spanish, French, Irish, and English descent..he still proceed to give me a geography lesson to prove that I am, in theory and in fact, Lebanese..“Yes..yes.. but during the war, many Lebanese migrated to Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela..That explains your last name!” he said.

“Ok! If you say so,” I replied. 😉

Well, what can I say?  I guess you can call me Miss Baz!



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10 responses to “It’s Miss Baz to you.

  1. So that’s Lebanese attitudes toward political events … and an adopted Lebanese family name.

    Maybe the Mr. Baz in your story was on to something…

  2. Pascale

    I see you’ve been Lebnenized already.. all lebanese tend to think that they are the center of the world.

  3. if that’s the case then we’re COUSINS! 😛

  4. Alf

    I always found the family name baz to be funny.
    Imagine someone called Jean and his last name is Baz.
    … Did u get it?

  5. Yeah us Lebanese tend to do that.
    But that guy’s hilarious…

  6. lol okay Miss Baz, you should look up in the branches of your family tree, you never know, a Lebanese ancestor might be somewhere in it.
    By the way baz in arabic is a type of hawks, a cool name. 🙂

  7. gilly

    I actually though you were Lebanese-American (or something like that) for quite a while back when I came across this blog 😛

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