St. Nicolas Stairs – the brutal and the beautiful.

Looking for the best way to sober up after a long night spent drinking in Gemmayzeh?  Or the best way to piss off your high-heel wearing girlfriend, or the best way to test if that beefy guy you met at GEM is really as fit as he says he is?

Climb (or ask her, or him to climb) St. Nicolas stairs.  They’re as equally brutal as they are beautiful.


St. Nicolas Stairs Gemmayzeh

St. Nicolas Stairs in the day time - considered to be the longest stair case in the Middle East.


Beautiful photo credit.



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11 responses to “St. Nicolas Stairs – the brutal and the beautiful.

  1. Rikkles

    The cool problem in those stairs is how random they are, especially in regards to the distance between steps.
    If you like stairs, go to China. There’s a wall there whose… few… steps I’ve barely experienced but won’t forget.

    • meinlebanon

      I too love how random they are, it’s part of their charm. You don’t expect to find them there, or expect them to keep going on and on and on like that!

      I’ve been to the Great Wall of China! I climbed one tiny length and was sore for a week! I guess I’m not as in shape as I thought I was! And you’re was an experience I won’t soon forget..

  2. Simon

    Dani, where are those St Nicolas Stairs? i’m guessing somewhere in Beirut? is there an area called St Nicolas?
    wouldn’t mind visiting such a nice place when i get to leb land.

  3. LOL I’ve tried that one night climbing up and down after a night at GEM 😛

    No need for more than saying: It takes ur breath away 😛

  4. Sam

    If only those stairs could talk… hehe… Got so many memories over there (some good, some not so good). I’d say the best involves me running up those stairs waving one of those orange parking cones….

  5. f

    yeah, i vastly prefer taking them DOWN to gemmayze… it’s a good trick also when the traffic on the gemmayze street is bad, to park or get dropped off at sursock.

  6. luv those stairs! so beautiful…
    Wish I lived in one of those houses.

  7. anateboteo

    Um…longest staircase in the Middle East? Tell that to Petra! 🙂

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