Actions speak louder than words.

Lebanese Hand Gestures

In Lebanon, this gesture = hold on a minute. slow down. shut up and let me talk.



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12 responses to “Actions speak louder than words.

  1. TheRealFadi

    It also means “I’m gonna whoop your arse boy, just wait”.

    I also learned Italians and Libyans have the same use for it

  2. didie

    hahaha actually for me it has the same meaning as for TheRealFadi. the minute my dad was doing this, i knew i was good for a not so pleasing moment… even now, this gesture just freaks me out!

  3. Simon

    hehehe good one didie! this brings back so much memories!

    Just seeing the pic made me feel threatened. Dani’s here to woop some ass! lol

  4. ZouZeta

    heheheh true
    i am always scared when my boss do it 😛

  5. for me it’s: “wait wait, let me explain..”

  6. meinlebanon

    Thanks for all of the comments guys!

  7. Jz

    That same gesture but with the finger pointing downwards, and head tilted to the side, can also mean “I’m retarded”..
    So here’s a tip, if somebody came at you with the gesture and intentions that TheRealfadi brought up, just do my version of it, and that person just might feel sorry and leave you alone 🙂 …….. or kick you’re a*s even harder :/

  8. solangehere

    in France, this means “fear” whoever feels this is afraid. interesting! thanks!

  9. Raul Félix de Sousa

    Bet chouf, bet chouf….

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