Actions speak louder than words pt. 2.

What does this hand gesture mean to you?

Hand gestures in Lebanon

Hand gestures in Lebanon

Lebanese Hand Gestures

Hand Gestures Lebanon



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19 responses to “Actions speak louder than words pt. 2.

  1. how much? how many??
    Where? What?

    It means a lot 😀

  2. Joe

    Shoo? La Wein? Adesh? Meen enta? Men wen jeye? Rakeble hal Lamba.

    So much! 😀

  3. ZouZeta

    how much? how many? where to? who are u? who is this? what is going on? is this person sane? what?

  4. I loved the tattoooooo 😀

  5. The first two are when you are at the grocery store and are explaining how big of a watermelon you want. The last two are raised in anger in a heated discussion trying to get your point across.

  6. Alf

    This is Dalida dancing

  7. meinlebanon

    Thanks for all of the comments guys, really!

  8. Edem

    Oh! it is grace for greatness

  9. Min mfakkar 7alak?
    Who do you think you are?

  10. Farrah

    LOVE the tattoo.

  11. LOL these last 2 posts are so funny…I guess the tattoo is becoming more important than the gesture…
    ok ok I love the tattoo too 😛

  12. Oh thank you on the tattoo comments 🙂

    ‘i can’ say that Danielle wanted me to do more gestures for her extensive writing on our local expressive habits.
    The 3rd snapshots would’ve involved my facial expressions (mind you I would’ve looked like Jim Carrey when re-acting).

    Keep it coming Dani Girl!

  13. Mak

    these hand gesture are the sign of having nothing to do at work 😛
    isn’t it true @RashaRteil ??

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  15. How much/how many/where?

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