@Alextohme on the back of a bus!


Even when she's not here, she's here.


Sometimes getting stuck in morning traffic, and getting ripped off by a taxi driver isn’t so bad.. I mean, look who I spotted as a result!  @Alextohme..on the back of a bus!

We miss you Alex!


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5 responses to “@Alextohme on the back of a bus!

  1. Haha I’ve noticed it too! I feel like she’s following me wherever I go! or is it me following her…?

  2. N.

    euh.. and that would be..?

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  4. i can’t believe “n” doesn’t know who i am. i mean isnt that the whole point of getting onto the back of a bus in the first place?! honestly, its almost impossible to get into the upper echelons of fame and fortune in this day and age of user generated content and what not. frankly, im just counting my lucky stars they didn’t position me around the “echappement” which for the rest of us non libano / frenchies is simply “exhaust pipe”
    i bid thee good day

  5. seriously now , i think she winked at me the other day 😉

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