Wonder what Fiddy thought of Sky Bar.

Did any of yous go?

I still don’t understand why outdoor partying is reserved only for Summer.  I mean, I understand that it rains a little bit in winter, but personally..I would rather put up with a little bit of rain than go to a poorly ventilated nightclub/bar..and come out smelling like an ashtray!  What a waste, it’s so beautiful outside during winter..

Until next year Sky Bar!


50 cent Beirut Sky Bar





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5 responses to “Fiddy.

  1. I didn’t even know he was coming…. :S
    Poor advertising…

    • meinlebanon

      Yeah me either to be honest with you! Someone from the gym told me they were going, that’s how I found out.. Didn’t even know he was popular round these parts..!

  2. because partying here is not about getting high and drunk and having crazy sex in corners, it’s about doing all that while wearing high heels, heavy make-up/obnoxious gel, and taking pictures with expensive phones… so a little rain would ruin all that

  3. Sean

    Pazuzu… I’ve been doing Beirut nightlife for a while now… could you be kind and point me to the places where they have sex in corners? LOL hahahahahahah

    Hey it’s all about getting used it.. as a non-smoker… I die every night in clubs and pubs…. but until we get the no smoking law… we play the cards we have.

  4. LoL, I know, it’s always like that to me, a lot of my friends would tell me about clubbing hook-ups, and I’d be like: “but wait, you don’t have your own apartment, s/he doesn’t have his/her own apartment… where did you have sex?”

    Sometimes it’s the car, or the parking lot in general, isolates clubs harness a good sex education environment behind the club itself, MacDonald’s bathrooms or any other bathroom in straight hang-out places (if you are not straight), because doing it in a gay hang-out place is impossible… some also take motel rooms, borrow friends’ apartments’ for the night… but yeah, i never managed to digest the idea, as far as I’m concerned, I need to relax to enjoy it.

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