Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association launches cookbook in Trinidad

Now that I’m living in Lebanon, it’s so funny to read these articles about Syrian/Lebanese people in Trinidad.  After all, it was in Trinidad that I first encountered Syrian/Lebanese food.

“Ah’len.It is the name of a cookbook produced by the Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association, and was launched at the International School of Port-of-Spain in Westmoorings on October 17. Among the women who collaborated on the project were Norma Hadad, Vanessa Sabga Aboud, Huda Nahous, Gabriella Azar, Leslie Chamely, Rosemarie Hadeed, Linda Hadeed, and Christine Sabga.The cookbook features a smorgasbord of delightful recipes on popular dishes like lamb kebabs, fatoush, tabouli, and baklava—dishes that are enjoyed across Trinidad and Tobago.”

Photo and article credit The Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Syrian/Lebanese in Trinidad

The Syrian/Lebanese authors of Ah'len cookbook. You would think this picture was taken in Lebanon and not in the Caribbean, no?

Thanks for the article Grampa!



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4 responses to “Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association launches cookbook in Trinidad

  1. Mom

    Very cool … I think I went to school with one of the authors … Vanessa Sabga! You know it’s interesting, but I don’t recall there being a single Syrian-Lebanese restaurant in Trinidad, at least not one that I ever went to. We were familiar with the foods because of friends and acquaintances, but I wonder why no-one ever opened up an actual cafe/restaurant …

  2. Martin Scott

    There have been three or four opened in Trinidad over the last few years . I think they have all been more like “fast food” or walk-in places and not really for relaxed or upscale dining. We used one in Tragarete Road from time to time.

  3. ZouZeta

    waw interesting…

  4. ingrid mendez

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